List of Mario Party: Island Tour collectables

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Collectibles menu for Mario Party: Island Tour
Blue Toad in the Collectables mode

In Mario Party: Island Tour, players can purchase various items with Mario Party Points, earned by completing various tasks such as clearing boards or by playing minigames. These items are purchased and stored in the Collectables mode (Collectibles in the British English version). Here, the collectables are character voices and music tracks, called "Bubbles" and "Memories" in-game, and players can listen to them in the Gallery. Some of the items require to be unlocked before players can purchase them by meeting specific criteria.

Character voices[edit]

Subject Unlock criteria Cost
Mario Already unlocked 1000
Luigi Already unlocked 1000
Peach Already unlocked 1000
Daisy Already unlocked 1000
Wario Already unlocked 1000
Waluigi Already unlocked 1000
Yoshi Already unlocked 1000
Boo Already unlocked 1000
Toad Already unlocked 1000
Bowser Jr. Clear Bowser's Tower 1000
Bowser Play every board except Shy Guy's Shuffle City and Bowser's Peculiar Peak 9800


Purchasable memories[edit]

Subject Unlock criteria Cost
Perilous Palace Path Play Perilous Palace Path once 2000
Star-Crossed Skyway Play Star-Crossed Skyway once 2000
Kamek's Carpet Ride Play Kamek's Carpet Ride once 2000
Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain Play Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain once 2000
Rocket Road Play Rocket Road once 2000
Shy Guy's Shuffle City Play Shy Guy's Shuffle City once 2000
Bowser's Peculiar Peak Play Bowser's Peculiar Peak once 2000
Goomba Tower Takedown Play Goomba Tower Takedown in Free Play 1000
Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge Play Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge in Free Play 1000
Mr. Blizzard's Snow Slalom Play Mr. Blizzard's Snow Slalom in Free Play 1000
King Bob-omb's Court of Chaos Play King Bob-omb's Court of Chaos in Free Play 1000
Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk Play Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk in Free Play 1000
Bowser's Sky Scuffle Play Bowser's Sky Scuffle in Free Play 1000
Minigame Maniac Play a General Minigame in Free Play 1500
Puzzle Pro Play a Puzzle Minigame in Free Play 1500
Extra Credit Play an Extra Minigame in Free Play 1500
Hot-Air Hero Play Hot-Air Hijinks once 1500
Bowser's Tower Tourist Play Bowser's Tower once 1000
Staff Credits Already unlocked 5000

Unlockable memories[edit]

Subject Unlock criteria
Just in Time! Already unlocked
Top Floor! Finish Bowser's Tower once
Master of Bowser's Tower Finish Bowser's Tower twice
StreetPass Rookie Win one StreetPass minigame
StreetPass Regular Win ten StreetPass minigames
StreetPass Expert Win thirty StreetPass minigames
StreetPass Master Win fifty StreetPass minigames
Mario Party Animal Play all boards in Party mode
Minigame Master Play all minigames in Free Play
100% Complete Obtain 98% of Bubbles in Collectables