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The logo of Play Nintendo

Play Nintendo is a division of Nintendo's official North American website. It promotes contemporary Nintendo systems and games, while maintaining a focus on appealing to a younger audience. It was established on October 1, 2014.[1] The icon used for the website appears to be a Power Star or Super Star.

The website's content is split into three sections: Friends, Explore, and News & Tips. A clickable ? Block appears throughout these sections, which causes random events to occur when clicked, such as 8-bit Super Mario walking across the webpage, or coins appearing on the screen, which can be collected with the mouse cursor.


"Friends" consists of profile artworks and descriptions of various main Mario and other Nintendo characters. The following Mario characters are listed on the website, along with their respective descriptions. Bios from the "Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF" activity are also included here.

Character Description
Play Nintendo Mario Profile.png
When he isn't rescuing princesses, you'll find him doing... pretty much anything you can think of. Mario is always ready to help a friend, take on a new challenge, or jump on a Koopa's head. He can also smoke the competition on a rainbow race track and swat a golf ball underwater.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Mario's a hero of few words, but he's always there for a friend in need. Woo-hoo!

Play Nintendo Luigi Profile.png
Ghosts and Goombas alike better not underestimate this hero. Talk about spirit! Luigi keeps his Poltergust 5000 set to "Awesome". He may not always be at the center of the action, but when Mario needs him, Luigi jumps right into harm's way.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Luigi's the ultimate bro–he'll help you save the day, and then let you take all the credit.

Play Nintendo Peach Profile.png
Princess Peach
Don't let the dainty crown and the parasol fool you. Peach is powerful in pink. She spent her fair share of time stuck in Bowser's castle and didn't care for it—Princess Peach prefers to be the one doing the rescuing, racing, and competing.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: As ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach is a powerful ally– and a really nice one, too.

Play Nintendo Toad Profile.png
Past: Hey, that isn't a walking mushroom—it's Toad, Mario's loyal friend! In a kingdom full of Toads, there is only one "Toad"—and he’ll point you to the right castle. He's small in stature under that polka dot cap, but he has a huge heart and extremely speedy feet!

Current: The Mushroom Kingdom’s biggest helper is kind of small.
Mario’s loyal friend Toad has one of the friendliest faces in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad may be small in stature, but he has a big heart!

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Toad's got a big heart (and tiny feet!), and he'll always try to point you in the right direction of a castle.

Play Nintendo Toadette Profile.png
From tracking treasure to crafting paper, tiny Toadette is always ready to face a challenge. She's a lightweight on the kart track, but Toadette really knows her stuff when it comes to fun and adventure. This pink-and-white member of the Toad species gets really pumped up when she's out to save the day!

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Toadette's all about fun and adventure, and you can always count on her to help save the day!

Play Nintendo Bowser Profile.png
This spiny shelled menace may be strong, but his breath isn't everything. Bowser isn’t exactly a "friend", but where would Mario be without a troublesome giant Koopa who keeps snatching Princess Peach? The world would certainly be a lot less fun.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Bowser's not exactly friendship material, but better safe than sorry, right?

Play Nintendo Rosalina Profile.png
Interstellar observer, protector of the Lumas, and friend to Mario. From her Comet observatory, Rosalina scans the cosmos for adorable Lumas to adopt. From behind the wheel of a kart, she scans the track for rivals to pelt with green shells.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: The stars shine bright on Rosalina, whose magical powers make her a totally cosmic friend.

Play Nintendo Goomba Profile.png
The Mushroom Kingdom's most fearful foe is... not the Goomba. But don’t tell them that. It's pretty easy to take on a Goomba—they can usually be defeated with a well-timed jump. But these Mushroom Kingdom creatures are still part of Bowser's army, so beware!

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: This little creature thinks it's a big baddie, but the truth is, it's a real softie. As in, try not to step on it!

Play Nintendo Koopa Profile.png
Koopa Troopa
Don't tell one of these minions to come out of its shell (unless you plan to throw its shell right back at it). These members of Bowser's Koopa Troop wear their homes—and their weapons—on their backs. You can usually find them marching through the Mushroom Kingdom and looking for trouble.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: It takes a while for Koopa Troopa to come out of its shell. But once it does, it'll do whatever you tell it to do.

Play Nintendo Wario profile.png
This rude and crude fellow likes to toot... his own horn. Wario is stubborn, sneaky, and every bit as crooked as his mustache—the complete opposite of his rival, Mario. But he's got a head for business, and despite his greedy nature, he's been known to lend the occasional helping hand.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Wario is stubborn, sneaky, and every bit as crooked as his mustache. He'll be nice to you, but only once in a while.

Play Nintendo Waluigi Profile.jpg
Wario’s sidekick and Luigi’s biggest rival (or so he thinks). Waluigi schemes in secret to defeat Mario and Luigi, but he hasn’t found much success. His long arms and legs give him an edge in all kinds of sports, from tennis to soccer.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Waluigi is the kind of guy who'd cheat on a math test, then blame his friend. But hey, at least he'll make you laugh!

Play Nintendo Daisy Profile.png
She's got a gown and a crown, but this friendly princess is totally down to earth. Daisy’s always ready for a challenge, whether she's smashing tennis balls or jumping over hurdles. The ruler of Sarasaland loves the thrill of the chase, too—especially when she's zooming around on a kart.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Princess Daisy can be a challenging rival, but she's also a down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky friend.

Play Nintendo Shy Guy Profile.png
Shy Guy
Who are these masked rascals that cause so much trouble for Yoshi and Mario? It seems like Shy Guys are always around, whether you're driving a kart, hitting a tennis ball, having a party, or rescuing a baby from a bespectacled Magikoopa.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: No one really knows what's going on behind Shy Guy's mask, but every friendship needs a little mystery.

Play Nintendo Yoshi profile.png
What does Yoshi do to beat up baddies? It's right on the tip of his tongue... When trouble comes a-calling, this sticky-tongued, egg-laying wonder will flutter jump to the rescue. So who does Yoshi count on to have his back? Mario, of course!

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Yoshi will flutter-jump his way into your heart while taking you on a wild ride through the Mushroom Kingdom!

Play Nintendo Poochy Profile.jpg
Who’s a good boy? Poochy’s a good boy! Yoshi won’t have to adventure alone with this faithful companion by his side. Poochy’s always ready to lend a paw to help Yoshi travel over dangerous terrain, fetch hard-to-reach collectables, or sniff out secrets.
Play Nintendo Baby Mario Profile.png
Baby Mario
Think you're tough? Try going on adventures in a diaper. While other babies roll aimlessly on the floor and cry for milk, Baby Mario rides like a boss on the back of a Yoshi... and hungers for justice.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Baby Mario is a tiny baby with the heart of a great adventurer... just don't change his diapers.

Play Nintendo Baby Luigi Profile.png
Baby Luigi
There's no napping for this beleaguered baby when enemies abound. Baby Mario's brother has spent a lot of time in Kamek’s clutches, but Baby Luigi also gets plenty of outdoor time driving a kart.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Baby Luigi could use a good friend. This brave little guy is always busy fighting baddies to take a nap!

Play Nintendo Kamek Profile.png
This sneaky Magikoopa keeps trying (and failing) to stop the future Super Mario Bros. You could argue that Kamek is just trying to make life easier for his fellow Koopas, but his airborne schemes always end up making a mess for everyone.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Kamek is an awfully sneaky Magikoopa. But if you get to take a ride on his broom, who cares?

Play Nintendo Koopalings Profile.png
Bowser’s wildest minions have a personality all their own. There are seven Koopalings in the clan: Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig. These leaders of the Koopa Troop are always getting in Mario’s way—especially when he’s trying to reach their boss, Bowser.
Play Nintendo Cappy Profile.jpg
This hat-shaped hero from the Cap Kingdom grants Mario incredible abilities. Cappy’s capture ability lets Mario take control of all sorts of things, including objects and enemies. All it takes is a flick of the wrist!
Play Nintendo Donkey Profile.png
Donkey Kong
This friendly Kong goes absolutely bananas when it comes to jumping and pounding. Donkey Kong has changed a lot since he got a game named after him way back when. He has a nice family and wears a tie, but he still likes to crash through branches and boxes in the jungle.

Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: This friendly member of the Kong family loves swinging from tree to tree, and goes bananas for friends and family!

Play Nintendo Diddy Profile.png
Diddy Kong
He might look harmless to jungle baddies, but this small Kong is a peanut-popping powerhouse! You'll often find him riding on Donkey Kong's back, but Diddy Kong is no burden—he can blast his big buddy to new heights with his Rocket Barrel Boost!
Play Nintendo Dixie Profile.png
Dixie Kong
Look in the sky! It's an itty-bitty blonde whirlybird Kong! It would be easy to underestimate this tiny Kong with a smiling face and a pony tail tucked under her pink beret, but Dixie Kong can more than carry her own weight for the Kong clan.
Play Nintendo Cranky Profile.png
Cranky Kong
He'll throw enemies out of the jungle—as soon as he puts in his dentures. Stooped in stature, but sizable in spirit, the curmudgeonly Cranky Kong springs out of his rocking chair—and into the action—with his spike-proof, bouncing cane.
Play Nintendo Funky Profile.jpg
Funky Kong
Hang ten with Donkey Kong’s bodacious buddy. When Funky Kong surfs into action, not even spikes can slow him down! This fun-loving Kong helps his friends get their paws on cool items—and in the past, he’s helped them travel in style, too. Sweeeeet!
Play Nintendo Snowmads Profile.png
These frigid foes froze Donkey Kong Island. That's so cold! The Snowmads are an invasion force of walruses, seals, penguins, and other beasties who bring cold temperatures, thievery, and wacky boss battles to a peaceful tropical island.
Play Nintendo Rambi Profile.png
Ride in style on the back of this rambunctious rhino. Donkey Kong can smash his way through a box or two, but he needs his horned helper to power through stone blocks... and the occasional enemy.
Play Nintendo Tic Tac Profile.png
Tiki Tak Tribe
This troublesome tribe can’t mask their thieving nature. With a little bit of hocus pocus, these musical hypnotists can turn the gentle beasts of the jungle into fearsome foes.
Bowser Jr. Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Bowser Jr. gets in all sorts of trouble. Just imagine the adventures he could have with a bestie like you at his side!
Birdo Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: These are Birdo's favorite things (in no particular order): friends, bright red bows, and sparkly rings.
Bullet Bill Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Bullet Bill will zoom straight to your side when you need him, but he'll bump into a lot of folks on the way there.
Wiggler Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: This giant caterpillar-looking creature seems an easygoing friend... until it gets all steamed up!
Boo Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Boo's a good friend, because it will scare away your enemies. But it's also kinda shy, so don't stare at it.
Lakitu Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Lakitu is a fair-weather friend–he seems nice, but he'll drop a Spiny shell on you when you least expect it.


This section of the website contains Nintendo-related activities, videos, quizzes, polls, image galleries and downloadable content (such as wallpapers and printable door hangers).

Activities features interactive games and simple utilities. Mario-themed activities include:

  • Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up: Similar to Donkey Kong Match-Up, but featuring main series characters such as Yoshi and Princess Peach. The Super Mario Bros. overworld theme is heard while playing the game. The reverse of the cards show a picture of a ? Block.
  • Donkey Kong Match-Up: A card-matching game featuring Donkey Kong characters and items based on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. There are three modes to play: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • Yoshi's New Island Match-Up: A card matching game using imagery from Yoshi's New Island. The common overworld level theme is heard while playing the game.
  • Mario Stargazer: A minigame where the player has to find 10 constellations of Mario characters in the night sky.
  • Discover your amiibo inside: A game where the player has to select one of a randomly-picked set of two amiibo and continue until their favorite amiibo is decided.
  • Mario Kart 8 Party Starter
  • Plan an epic party, Mario Party 10 style
  • Super Mario Maker Wallpaper Maker: A desktop or mobile phone wallpaper creator in the style of Super Mario Maker. Many classic Mario gameplay elements, such as Goombas and ? Blocks can be arranged into a downloadable wallpaper.
  • Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?: Similar to "Discover your amiibo inside", but with Mario characters.
  • Mushroom Kingdom Create-A-Card: A tool to create a card using 2D artwork from the Mario franchise.
  • Mushroom Kingdom Chore Chart: A tool to create a chart listing the chores of the week using mainly 3D artwork from the Mario franchise.
  • Mushroom Kingdom Yourself
  • How to draw Mario: Both a video tutorial and a printable practice sheet to learn how to draw Mario.
  • A (puzzle) piece of art: A group image of several characters from the Mario franchise is split up into 8, 18 or 50 pieces (depending on the chosen difficulty), which may be solved as a jigsaw puzzle by the player.
  • Puzzle Party!: A group image from Mario Party: Star Rush is split up into 8, 18 or 50 pieces (depending on the chosen difficulty), which may be solved as a jigsaw puzzle by the player.
  • Mushroom Kingdom Create-A-Card (holiday variant) : A tool to create a Christmas card using festive decorations and artwork from the Mario franchise.
  • A holiday puzzle: A Mario holiday image is split up into 8, 18 or 50 pieces (depending on the chosen difficulty), which may be solved as a jigsaw puzzle by the player.
  • Ultimate doubles: Similar to "Discover your amiibo inside", but with playable characters from Mario Tennis Aces.

Downloads contains the following printable Mario-related content:

The Play Nintendo Show[edit]

Andrew and Izzy from The Play Nintendo Show.

Play Nintendo also extends to YouTube audiences using an official channel containing gameplay videos of contemporary games, and other Nintendo-related videos. The Play Nintendo Show is a current series of YouTube videos featuring a Piranha Plant named Izzy as a co-host. The second host, named Andrew Trego, begins the show by exiting a Warp Pipe. The show is set in a Mario-themed room with plush toys and pictures of Coins and other Mario-related pictures on the walls. Andrew calls the room "Casa de Nintendo", Spanish for "House of Nintendo".

List of Mario related Play Nintendo episodes[edit]

  • Episode 1: Coin Crazy with New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Andrew and Izzy rank the five greatest Mario Power-Ups. Later, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is reviewed. Andrew mentions that any coins that he collects will go towards Bowser's birthday.
# 1 Super Leaf
# 2 Gold Flower
# 3 Mega Mushroom
# 4 Mini Mushroom
# 5 Super Star
  • Episode 6: Mario Kart 7 Road Hog – For this episode, the duo ranks the five Mario Kart 7 items that will help them get to class on time.
# 1 Lucky Seven
# 2 Super Star
# 3 Super Leaf
# 4 Banana
# 5 Lightning
  • Episode 9: Paper Mario: Color Splash - Paint Palooza – For this episode, the duo ranks the five ways the Paint Hammer can be used to do chores in Paper Mario: Color Splash.




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