Spring Break Personality Quiz

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Spring Break Personality Quiz
Spring Break Personality Quiz icon.png
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Browser
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Spring Break Personality Quiz was a personality quiz on the Play Nintendo website.[1] The quiz aimed to determine which Nintendo character would want to hang out with the player during the spring break vacation.


The player has a total of five questions to answer. Each question gives the player four answers to choose from, with their final result depending on each answer they chose. When clicked on, the player moves on to the next question. At the end of the quiz, a message will pop up showing the player's final result. The player can then choose to either take the quiz again or take a different quiz on the website.


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Spring Break Personality Quiz question 1 pic.jpg

What would you want to do on spring break?

Hang out at the beach Go for long hikes Chill out in the forest Rock out at a music festival

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Spring Break Personality Quiz question 2 pic.jpg

What would you pack?

My guitar is always by my side. I’d be lost without my travel maps. Surfboard and sunglasses, dude. Clothes—lots of clothes!

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Spring Break Personality Quiz question 3 pic.jpg

If getting there is half the fun…

I’d walk! I’d go with the flow, man. I’d ride a rhino! I’d take a taxi!

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Spring Break Personality Quiz question 4 pic.jpg

What would you want to do for fun?

I’d want to explore nature. I’d want to go surfing. Hang ten! I’d want to listen to music and dance. I’d want to go sightseeing.

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Spring Break Personality Quiz question 5 pic.jpg

Which souvenir would you want to bring home?

Postcards to send to my friends Vinyl records for my collection A fun toy to play with A musical instrument


  • You got…Saria
    Get back to nature over spring break with Saria! This big-hearted Kokiri is one of Link’s childhood friends in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D game. She gives Link an Ocarina and teaches him “Saria’s Song.” Plus, her favorite color is green—perfect for hanging out in the forest!
  • You got…KK Slider
    Get ready for a totally groovy spring break with K.K. Slider. This hip dog loves to chill out and play his guitar in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo game. Spring break with K.K. Slider is sure to be a big hit!
  • You got…Funky Kong!
    Barrel-blast into a funky spring break with Funky Kong! Why would he make such a great spring break buddy? The surfing simian has extra hearts and special abilities, which makes it fun and easy to play as Funky Kong in the
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze game for the Nintendo Switch system.
  • You got…Captain Toad
    Join Captain Toad on a fun-filled spring break! Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade are on their own kind of adventure in the
    Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch system. If you happen to come across Captain Toad in the game, he’ll give you a Power Moon. What a guy!

Description and tagline[edit]

Who might be your Spring Break buddy?
Answer a few easy questions to see which Nintendo character might want to hang out with over spring break!

Spring Break buddies!
Who might you want to go on vacation with?



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