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Mario Stargazer titlescreen.png
Title screen
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse

Stargazer, referred to as Mario Stargazer Mini-Game in the name of its hosting web page, is an activity on the Play Nintendo website. In this activity, the player has to find Mario-themed constellations on a starry sky.


The game starts with a title screen prompting the player to click anywhere to play. They must then click each spinning star to form a Super Star constellation. Afterwards, they must find nine more constellations featuring various Mario characters and items by moving their mouse to view the starry sky. The Super Star icon on the bottom screen will glow brighter as the player gets closer to finding a constellation; once they find one, they must click on the spinning stars to reveal it. Each constellation found is recorded in a collection. After the player finds every constellation, their time will appear, and they are then given the option to play again.

The game features music from Super Mario Galaxy. "Star Festival" plays on the title screen and continues in the game itself, but fades to "Space Junk Galaxy" after the player moves away from the Super Star constellation.


Upon finding a constellation, a hint appears on the screen describing the character in the next constellation.

Name Hint
Super Star N/A
Mario "He wears a bright red hat…"
Luigi "He’s Mario’s brother…"
Princess Peach "She wears a crown…"
Yoshi "It[sic] loves to eat fruit…"
Bowser "He can breathe fire…"
Donkey Kong "He wears a tie…"
1-Up Mushroom "It gives you extra lives…"
Goomba "Jump on his head for a coin…"
Blooper "It lives in the sea…"

Website description[edit]

Mario Stargazer

Find all the familiar constellations in the night sky!


The fault is not in our stars, but Mario is!