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The Play category on the Play Nintendo website contains various activities such as puzzle games and "maker" activities that allow users to create their own custom images using many elements from the Mario franchise and then download them to their devices.

The following table lists all the miscellaneous activities that are relevant to the Mario franchise in some capacity. Each entry is accompanied by a description taken from the website; words from the parts written in bold can be used as search keys on Play Nintendo to find a certain activity. Please note that the hyperlinks present in some descriptions are also taken from the website and should not be removed even if they are wrong or outdated.

Preview Web page name Play Nintendo description Link
Captain Toad Funny Soundboard preview.jpg Captain Toad Funny Soundboard Silly sounds from Captain Toad are at your fingertips

You can play around with some of Captain Toad’s classic squeaks and grumbles with this hilarious soundboard. There’s a soundboard for Toadette, too!

Crafty Collage Maker preview.jpg Crafty Collage Maker Crafty fun with the Crafty Collage Maker

You can create a handcrafted world with characters and items inspired by the Yoshi’s Crafted World game. You can decorate a scene with Yoshi eggs, flowers, and other cute items. You can even turn your artwork into a calendar or picture frame! Plus, you can download your artwork to print or share.

Discover your amiibo inside preview.jpg Discover your amiibo inside Discover your amiibo inside

Which amiibo figure do you like best? Find out now!

Donkey Kong Match-Up preview.jpg Donkey Kong Match-Up Donkey Kong Match-Up

Bananas. That's what you are gonna go once you start matching these items and characters from Donkey Kong Island. They are also a healthy snack. (Bananas—not items and characters.)

How to Draw Captain Toad preview.jpg How to Draw Captain Toad An online activity for artistic adventurers

Captain Toad and Toadette are here with an activity for artistic adventurers! You can color in them in or draw them by hand. You can even download your masterpiece to print or share! There's also a song about how to draw Captain Toad in just a few easy steps, you can watch the video and sing along here.

LM3 Image Creator preview.jpg Luigi's Mansion 3 Image Creator A “haunted” image creator

You can transform yourself into Luigi and his all-green doppelganger Gooigi with this “haunted” image creator inspired by the Luigi’s Mansion 3 game. Plus, you can add a background, items, characters, and a greeting to create an image for printable postcards, desktop wallpaper, and more!

MK8D Kart Customizer Game preview.jpg Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Kart Customizer Game Sweet ride!

You can join the roster of racers by adding your photo to a character’s kart, then decorating the scene with items and backgrounds inspired by the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game.

MK8 Party Starter preview.jpg Mario Kart 8 Party Starter Create invites for your friends, make tournament brackets, and even design awards.

Make your next Mario Kart 8 Tournament even more fun with this awesome tool!

MTA Mushroom Kingdom Characters Quiz preview.jpg Mario Tennis Aces Mushroom Kingdom Characters Quiz Who could be your doubles dream team?

You can choose between fan-favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters to see which two could be your doubles dream team in the Mario Tennis Aces game, now available for the Nintendo Switch system.

Mushroom Kingdom 2020 Calendar Creator preview.jpg Mushroom Kingdom 2020 Calendar Creator Wahoo! It's-a 2020!

You can mark special dates, add Mushroom Kingdom decorations, and print your own custom calendar!

Mushroom Kingdom Chore Chart preview.jpg Mushroom Kingdom Chore Chart Mushroom Kingdom Chore Chart

Track your to-do list with a Mushroom Kingdom-inspired chore chart.

Mushroom Kingdom Create-A-Card preview.jpg Mushroom Kingdom Create-A-Card The Mushroom Kingdom Create-a-Card activity

You can design custom birthday cards, thank-you notes, and more with a Mushroom Kingdom twist!

Mushroom Kingdom Create-A-Card holiday preview.jpg Mushroom Kingdom Create-A-Card (holiday) Create cool custom cards

You can send warm wishes (and maybe a Goomba or two) this holiday season with your own custom-designed cards, thank-you notes, and more!

Play Nintendo Match-Up.png Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up

How well do you know the Mushroom Kingdom?

Mushroom Kingdom Yourself preview.jpg Mushroom Kingdom Yourself Mushroom Kingdom Yourself

You can turn your photo into a Mushroom Kingdom character like Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach!

Spot the difference NSMBUD preview.jpg Spot the difference: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Spot the difference: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Can you look at these pictures from the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe game and find everything that’s different?

Stargazer preview image.png Stargazer Mario Stargazer

Find all the familiar constellations in the night sky!

SMM Wallpaper Maker preview.jpg Super Mario Maker Wallpaper Maker Decorate your desktop

Create your very own Mario-inspired background scene with the Super Mario Maker Wallpaper Maker activity! It’s a lot like creating a course in the Super Mario Maker game—you get to pick the style, theme, items, and enemies you want to use. But with this awesome activity, you can actually create wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device. Ready to get started?

SMO Postcard Creator preview.jpg Super Mario Odyssey Postcard Creator Wish you were here

Postcards are a fun way to let people see where you went on vacation. You can snap a selfie and make a custom postcard with Cappy! Friends and family will be amazed that you took a vacation to a kingdom from the Super Mario Odyssey game.

SMP Card Creator preview.jpg Super Mario Party Card Creator The Super Mario Party Card Creator activity

You can design custom invites, birthday cards, and more with a Super Mario Party twist!

Who’s Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF preview.jpg Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF? Who's Your Mushroom Kingdom BFF?

You can choose between characters to find out who should be your new bestie with this fun activity.

Yoshi's New Island Match-Up preview.jpg Yoshi's New Island Match-Up Yoshi's New Island Match-Up

Yoshi and his colorful friends are here to test your memory and share some goodies from the Yoshi's New Island game. You can learn more by visiting the official site.


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