Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll

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Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll
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Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll is a personality quiz on the Play Nintendo website.[1] This quiz determines which character from a Nintendo 3DS game would be the player's preferred sidekick.


The player has a total of five questions to answer. Each question gives the player four answers to choose from, with their final result depending on each answer they chose. When clicked on, the player moves on to the next question. At the end of the quiz, a message will pop up showing the player's final result. The player can then choose to either take the quiz again or take a different quiz on the website.


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The image for question 1 of Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll

What do you look for most in a friend?

Someone who can help me organize my mess Someone who’s an excellent communicator Someone who knows all the best moves Someone who’s tall enough to reach the top shelf

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Which kind of look might match yours?

A casual, vacation look Something clean, preppy, and cheery A sparkly style that can really catch your eye Color coordination is key, so definitely lots of green

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What would you and your sidekick do for fun?

Travel through time Collect coins (it’s more exciting than it sounds) Catch some waves Get back to nature at a cool campsite

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How would you react in a scary situation?

Run away as fast as possible Ask a friend for advice Go find help in a nearby town Go into fight-or-flight mode

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Why did you and your sidekick first team up?

They got me out of a tough spot once They were the first friendly face I met when I moved to town They woke me from a deep sleep, then stuck around They’re my younger brother/sister


Each result is accompanied by a video showcasing the given sidekick in a game.

Video thumbnail Message
The image for result 1 of Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio
You would have your choice of awesome sidekicks with the first partner Pokémon from the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon games. Rowlet, Litten, and Poplio can help keep you safe while giving you the confidence you need to battle the baddies. You could rest easy knowing that someone’s got your back and will do their best to protect you while you do your hero thing.
The image for result 2 of Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll Isabelle
Isabelle is the sidekick every hero dreams of: she’s smart, friendly, organized, and knows all the right people. In the Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo game, you can depend on Isabelle to help you lay out your grand plans. You’re the hero, so go ahead and work on those brilliant ideas of yours. Isabelle would help you bring those plans to life!
The image for result 3 of Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll Luigi
Little brothers and little sisters (even cousins) can make great sidekicks. They already know all your secrets, and you know all their secrets too! Plus, family always sticks together. Just take a look at Mario and Luigi in the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game. Luigi is the best bro that a hero could ask for. He makes a great sidekick because he has amazing jumping skills and he doesn’t ask too many questions—he just jumps in with both feet.
Thumbnail of the video shown with the Navi result in Video Game Sidekick Characters Poll Navi
It sounds like you’re the strong but silent type, which means Navi could be a great sidekick for you. She’s kind of a chatterbox, but her advice can come in very handy. In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, Navi offers useful gameplay tips and helps guide your way—which is good, because you’ve got to focus on the whole “hero” thing!

Description and tagline[edit]

An amazing duo
Which of these video-game sidekicks would you want at your side? You can answer a few questions to discover which kind of sidekick you’d want to kick it with!

Kickin' it with your sidekick
Which Nintendo character would be your sidekick?



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