Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz

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Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz is a personality quiz on the Play Nintendo website.[1] It aims to reveal the player which Mario character they are most likely to befriend on the first day of school.


The player has a total of five questions to answer. Each question gives the player four answers to choose from, with their final results depending on what answers they chose. When the player clicks on an answer, they move onto the next question. When the last question is answered, a message pops up giving the player their final results. The player can then choose to either take the quiz again or take a different quiz on the website.


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Picture shown with the first question of Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz

What would you wear on the first day of school?

Overalls and a hat A cool, tough look Sturdy walking shoes Trendy athletic wear

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Picture shown with the second question of Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz

What would you bring to Show and Tell?

My favorite sports trophy Something funny and gross, like stinky garlic. Ha ha! A slideshow of my adventures during summer vacation My shiny coin collection

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Picture shown with the third question of Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz

Waluigi "accidentally" knocks your lunch onto the floor. What would you do?

Introduce myself—maybe we can be friends! Jump back into line to get more food Find a clear path and walk around the mess Tell him to buy me an even better lunch

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Picture shown with the fourth question of Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz

What would you want to do at recess?

Swing on the jungle gym Challenge friends to a game of hopscotch Play video games on my Nintendo system Search for buried treasure in the sandbox

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Picture shown with the fifth question of Back-To-School Funny Personality Quiz

What afterschool club would you want to join?

Coding club Track team Tennis team Science club


  • You got MARIO
    He’s got a classic style. He likes to collect coins. He can jump and climb and run with the best of them. Most importantly, he’s always ready to help a friend. Mario would make a great back-to-school buddy!
  • You got DAISY
    She’s sporty. She’s friendly. She’s a laid-back princess who’d help you get through gym class without breaking a sweat. Plus, she’d introduce you to the coolest kids in class! What more could you ask for in a back-to-school buddy?
  • You got WARIO
    He’s rough. He’s tough. He’s greedy. But he also likes to make video games and play video games, so he can’t be all bad, right? Either way, it’s probably safe to stay on his good side. Sounds like Wario would make fun back-to-school buddy!
  • You got TOADETTE
    She’s adventurous. She’s always ready to take on a challenge. She’s one tough little Toad! When Toadette sets her mind to something, she doesn’t let anyone—or anything—get in her way. This back-to-school buddy would make a great lifelong friend, too!

Description and tagline[edit]

Who might be your back-to-school buddy?
You can answer a few fun questions to find out which character might be a good friend to have by your side on the first day of school.

Back-to-school buddies
Which character might be your friend? You can find out!


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