Angry Sun Super Mario Maker 2 Quiz

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Angry Sun Super Mario Maker 2 Quiz
Angry Sun Super Mario Maker 2 Quiz icon.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Angry Sun Super Mario Maker 2 Quiz is a personality quiz on the Play Nintendo website. It was made to promote Super Mario Maker 2. The quiz is meant to reveal the player whether they should use the Angry Sun or the Moon in their courses.


The player has a total of seven questions to answer. Each question gives the player four answers to choose from, with their final result depending on which they chose. When clicked on, the player moves on to the next question. At the end of the quiz, a message will pop up showing the player's final result. The player can then choose to either take the quiz again or take a different quiz on the website.


  1. Would you rather play outside on a sunny day or under the moon at night?
    • On a sunny day
    • Under the moon
  2. Would you rather be right side up or upside down?
    • Upside down
    • Right side up
  3. Would you rather stare a Boo right in the eyes or look away?
    • Look away
    • Right in the eyes
  4. Which item would you rather have?
    • 1-Up Mushroom
    • Rotten Mushroom
  5. Would you rather Thwomps move faster or slower?
    • Slower
    • Faster
  6. Would you rather swim in the ocean or in the air?
    • Ocean
    • Air
  7. How do you feel about gravity, the force that pulls us toward the center of the earth?
    • Meh.
    • I love it!


  • You got…the Angry Sun!
    No one is sure what the Angry Sun is so angry about. But we do know one thing: it’s obsessed with Mario, swooping down to attack and following him wherever he goes. You can use the Angry Sun to add a little “heat” to your course in the Super Mario Maker 2 game. You can also use the Moon to swap to the nighttime version of each theme to mix things up even more!
  • You got…the Moon!
    The Moon is way more mellow than the Angry Sun in the Super Mario Maker 2 game. Instead of attacking the playable character, the Moon just likes to mix things up. The Moon can flip the level upside down, slow down Thwomps, and make enemies act as if underwater, depending on which theme you use. You can also use the Angry Sun to add a little “heat” to your course!

Website description[edit]

Over the moon or sunny-side up? You can take the quiz!

In the Super Mario Maker 2 game, the Angry Sun and the Moon are as different as night and day. The Angry Sun is a red-hot enemy. But when you change the Angry Sun to the Moon, things get a little more mixed up. You can take this quiz to find out if you’re more of a “day” person or a “night” person! (Note: The Moon is only available in the Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U styles.)

Over the moon or sunny-side up?

You can find out if you’d use the Moon or the Angry Sun in your course!