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Cannon Box
Cannon Box (alt) - Super Mario 3D World.png
A black box with a Bill Blaster insignia on its sides.

First appearance

Super Mario 3D World (2013)

Latest appearance

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U) (2014)

The Cannon Box[1] is an item that appears in Super Mario 3D World. Cannon Boxes are first found as ? Blocks, but after being hit once, the actual Cannon Box is revealed. The player can then hit it once again, causing them to wear it over their body. The color of the Cannon Box changes to match the character that is wearing it. While using a Cannon Box, characters continually fire cannonballs from a cannon on the front of the box. If the player holds X Button/Y Button/One Button/B Button, the cannon can be charged, which increases the distance they travel and allows the player to hold their fire. Cannonballs fired can collect coins and other items, as well as break cracked walls and Rock Blocks. Unlike other items, the cannonballs can damage the other players unless they are in their Invincible form or Mega form.

Mario wearing a Cannon Box

Some Cannon Boxes, called Cannons, act as obstacles that keep shooting cannonballs to harm the player. These can be turned into wearable boxes if struck from below or hit with a cannonball. Cannon Boxes are similar to Propeller Boxes in how they are obtained and how they are used.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Killer Box[2]
Hōdai Bokkusu
Killer Box (Killer is also the Japanese name for Bullet Bill)

Cannon Box
Spanish Caja Cañón[citation needed] Box Cannon
French (NOE) Boîte canon[4] Box Cannon
German Kanone-Box[citation needed] Cannon Box


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