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Several Blitties
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)
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The Blitties are a species that appear in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Their name is a combination of the words "block" and "kitty". They are animate blocks that resemble cats. Broque, after meeting with Bowser in Dimble Wood, requests that Bowser locate & bring him these "rare creatures". They're trapped within enemies during battle, so Bowser must use his Vacuum command to obtain them as an item. There are 15 Blitties in all.

Once Bowser gets them, he can go to Broque's shop and leave them there. He gets extra equipment for that. The reward for finding all fifteen Blitties is a new special ability for Bowser, Broggy Bonker. They are always trapped in the first enemy group of that species that Bowser encounters. If Bowser fails to suck up the Blitty, the Blitty escapes before getting trapped within the second enemy group of that species that Bowser encounters.


Blitty # Location Enemy
1 Cavi Cape or Plack Beach Chuboomba
2 Plack Beach Toothy
3 Dimble Wood Treevil
4 Dimble Wood Trashure
5 Bumpsy Plains Flifit
6 Bowser Path Chain Chawful
7 Tunnel Choomba
8 Blubble Lake Beehoss
9 Blubble Lake Crawful
10 Bowser Castle Jailgoon
11 Bowser Castle Sniffle Thwomp
12 Peach's Castle Garden Mechawful
13 Peach's Castle 2F Naplock
14 Peach's Castle 2F Dark Trashure
15 Peach's Castle 2F Dark Mechawful


The reward for this side quest depends on how many Blitties are collected.

Number of Blitties Reward
4 Block Band
8 Block Fangs
12 Block Ring
15 Broggy Bonker Special Attack


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロキャット
Blocat, portmanteau of English block and cat.
Spanish (NOA) Blomiau Pun on Bloque (Block) and miau (meow).
Spanish (NOE) Gatiblok From Gato (Cat) and bloke, corruption of bloque (block).
French (NOA) Blinou Pun on Bloc (block) and minou (puss, synonym of cat)
French (NOE) Chabloc Pun on chat (cat) and bloc (block)
German Blockatze Pun on Block (block) and Katze (cat)
Italian Fufi Blocco "Fufi" is the most common cat name in Italy, while "Blocco" means block


  • Although there are only fifteen Blitties, when Broque Monsieur first introduces them, the map shows sixteen.