Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey sound test

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Music option in the Records section of the remake's star menu. Here, only the upper screen is shown, without the list of songs.
The boombox shown in the Music option in the Records section of the star menu, playing music.

This is a list of music tracks from the soundtrack of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, composed and arranged by Yoko Shimomura.

The music option present in the game allows the player to listen to the songs in the game, as well as the original Nintendo DS versions of the Bowser's Inside Story tracks, simply by playing the game (the tracks are added automatically, instead of being collected from tapes in the previous remake). However, the songs "Battle Time!", "The Grand Finale" and "A Journey to Remember" are unlocked after defeating Bowser X in the Gauntlet. It can be accessed from the in-game menu screen via Records at anytime during the adventure. As in the other games involving this feature, the music can be played through headphones even with the system closed.

List of songs[edit]

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Main game music[edit]

The arranged versions of the tracks are marked with "DX" at the end of their names in the game.

Title Notes Length
Mario, Luigi, and Bowser Too! Plays on the title screen in the 3DS version. 0:44
Turning a New Page Plays on the select screen. 0:33
Doing It Right Plays during the tutorials and Kuzzle minigames. 0:49
A Journey To Remember Plays during the credits. 3:33
Sweet Parting Plays on the final screen with ranks. 0:39
Big News! Plays during the intro cutscene, when Princess Peach is captured by Fawful, and when Morton becomes affected with Malatone Formula:X. 0:28
Calling All the Shots! Plays during some scenes involving Bowser and when he becomes Giant Bowser before the giant battles. 0:51
Rumpus Music Plays before boss battles and during fast-paced situations (e.g. Bowser inhaling the Toads, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach at the start of the game). 0:23
It's Fawful! Plays during scenes involving Fawful. 0:40
Swirling Shadows Plays during scenes where Fawful's villainous acts are displayed (e.g. attack on Bowser's Castle), scenes with Dark Star and scenes with the Best Fitness Friends. 1:21
Persistent Joy Plays during scenes where calm conversations are displayed (e.g. talking with Broque Monsieur). 0:26
Relaxing Again Plays during the scene in Lumbar Nook when Toadsworth and Toadbert drink tea while waiting for Mario Bros. and first conversation with Broque Madame. 0:24
Battle Time! Plays during the scene before the battle against Dark Bowser and Dark Star Core and before Like Father, Like Son. 0:37
A Bit of Peace and Quiet Plays in Peach's Castle at the start of the game 1:42
A Gentle Breeze at Cavi Cape. Plays in Cavi Cape 1:05
Beachside Dreaming Plays in Plack Beach. 1:01
Meet Me at Wonder Woods Plays in Dimble Wood. 0:54
The Path of Secrets Plays in Bowser Path, Tunnel, Toad Town Caves and Tower of Yikk. 1:09
Bowser's Stolen Castle Plays in Bowser's Castle. 1:10
Resting in Toad Town Plays in Toad Town. 1:03
Forever in the Plains Plays in Bumpsy Plains and land sections of Blubble Lake. 1:29
Dark Regions Plays in Peach's Castle Garden. 1:05
The Castle Depths Plays in Peach's Castle during the endgame. 1:08
Waltz in the Lake Plays in underwater sections of Blubble Lake. 0:39
Dr. Toadley Plays in Toadley Clinic. 0:36
Pump it up Plays during minigames inside Bowser and in Attack Challenges in Cholesteroad and with Broque Madame. 0:32
Here We Go! Plays during the regular battles controlling Mario and Luigi. 1:15
Showtime! Plays during the regular battles controlling Bowser. 1:20
Tough Guy Alert! Plays during the boss battles. 1:05
Destroy the Dark Power! Plays during the battle against the Dark Star in the 3DS version. 1:11
A Fateful Clash! Plays during the battle against Dark Fawful in the 3DS version. An arrangement of "Fawful and Cackletta" from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. 1:27
The Grand Finale Plays during the battle against Dark Bowser and Dark Star Core. 1:28
The Giant Plays during the giant battles. 1:13
And the Winner Is... Plays after winning battles. 0:13
On To the Next Adventure! Plays on the title screen in the DS version. 1:15

Bowser Jr.'s Journey-exclusive music[edit]

Title Notes Length
A Battle Brawl! Plays in quests 1:01
Pushing Forward! Plays in boss quests 1:12
Charge and Clash! Plays during the final battle against Best Fitness Friends 1:48
Bowser Jr.'s Glory! Plays during some scenes with Bowser Jr. 0:36
Bowser Jr.'s Glory! (Music Box Version) Plays during the scene when Bowser Jr. remembers how awful he was to Koopalings after they were all gone and scene before the credits 1:03
This is Minion Turf! Plays during The Trio Clash!. 1:10
Bowser's Minions March Plays in the scene after The Trio Clash!. 0:32

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