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Inactive and active Evoglobins

Evoglobins are an evolved species of Emoglobin inhabiting the Rump Command inside Bowser's body. Their names are a portmanteau of hemoglobin and evolution. In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, they are purple and have long, extendable, ribbon-like arms and legs, granted to them by what they call "waves of spirituality." When Mario and Luigi explore the area after Bowser has been knocked unconscious by his castle, the Evoglobins urge the bros to go through the area on the Boats of Revival and revive Bowser, telling them that they (the boats) are a part of Bowser's soul. They are larger than normal Emoglobins, and the bros. do not need to hit them from underneath to activate their message. If Bowser is not in peril and the Mario Bros. decide to visit the Rump Command anyway, they will appear as regular Emoglobins colored purple and will be silent, even if the bros. hit them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘモグロじん
Portmanteau of「ヘモグロびん」(Hemogurobin, Emoglobin) and「人」(jin, person), referring to their roughly humanoid shape

Italian Saviglobin
Possible portmanteau of savio ("intelligent") and "Emoglobin"
Spanish (NOE) Evoglobina