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The three Star Cures.
The three pieces of the Star Cure

The three Star Cures are the ultimate goal for much of the second half of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Mario and Luigi first learn about the Star Cures from Dr. Toadley, shortly after a fight with Bowser. Each of the cures are held by a Star Sage; the Bros. have to convince each of them in order to retrieve all three of the pieces.

Dr. Toadley tells the Bros. that the first vaccine is held by Durmite, who is usually located in Dimble Wood. However, the Mario Bros. had already found and beaten Durmite in Bowser's body. They discover that Durmite is still inside his body, and begin to pursue her. After a battle, Durmite, whose real name turns out to be Wisdurm, relinquishes the first Star Cure on friendly terms after a battle.

The second Star Cure, as it turns out, had come into Bowser's possession before the events of the game, although the sage said it was originally under the possession of Kuzzle. He travels to his Treasure Chamber below his own castle to retrieve it but is forced to do battle with the Fawful Express for the Star Cure. Mario and Luigi then need to reconstruct Bowser's damaged memory of the combination to the Star Cure's safe. When Bowser opens the safe, however, Private Goomp, Sergeant Guy, and Corporal Paraplonk shove him inside. Frustrated, Bowser swallows the Star Cure, which ends up in his gut. Starlow notices this and suggests that the Mario Bros. escape with it through a warp pipe.

The final Star Cure is held by Chakron, of Plack Beach. He gives it to Mario and Luigi after they successfully knock him out of his "1000 year pose" using the ground-shaking Snack Basket.

When all three Star Cures are brought back to Dr. Toadley, he combines them into the Miracle Cure, which cures every Toad that has contracted the blorbs. It also breaks the barriers outside Peach's Castle, allowing the Mario brothers to enter both the castle and the final stretch of the game.

The colors of the Star Cures correspond to the characters who obtained it: red for Mario, green for Luigi (Mario held it, though Luigi was technically the one who knocked down Chakron), and yellow for Bowser.

In-game descriptions[edit]

  • A curative held by the wise Wisdurm. It took a while to find this thing...
  • The curative found at Bowser Castle. Bowser swallowed it, so it's all sticky.
  • A 1,000-year-old curative held by Chakron above Plack Beach.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターワクチン
Sutā Wakuchin
Star Vaccine
French Vaccin étoilé Starry vaccine
German Sternenserum Star Vaccine
Italian Curastelle Star-cure
Spanish (NOA) Cura Estelar Star Cure
Spanish (NOE) Vacuna Estrella Star Vaccine