Boost Star

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Boost Star

The Boost Star is a purple Star introduced in New Super Mario Bros. U. Unlike the regular Star, the Boost Star can be collected only in Boost Mode. The Boost Star appears only if the players using the Wii Remotes step on ten Boost Blocks that still have their symbols on them, thus filling the Star Meter. If the Star Meter on the top of the Boost Mode screen is filled, the Boost Star appears. If a player with the GamePad taps on the Boost Star, the player can for a short time instantly defeat enemies and break blocks by tapping on them with the stylus or the finger (including Koopa Troopas, Thwomps, and even King Bills, which can be defeated only with this method), like with the Super Star.

The Boost Star is purple on the GamePad. Onscreen, it cannot be activated by any character and is almost invisible, with a slight blue outline.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Boostster Boost Star
French Étoile Coup de pouce Boost Star (Coup de pouce literally meaning: "helping hand", "encouragement")
German Boost-Stern Boost-Star
Italian Stella Assistente Assistant Star
Russian Звезда поддержки
Zvezda podderzhki
Boost Star