List of New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U glitches

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This is a list of glitches in New Super Mario Bros. U, including New Super Luigi U.


Double Iggy shell glitch

Iggy has two shells

This glitch can be done in Iggy's Volcanic Castle. When Iggy Koopa is on the top roof, once he falls off it, Mario must immediately jump on him. He then goes into his shell, but another one appears and be faced sideways. The glitch ends after a few seconds.[1]

Floating Baby Yoshi

The player has to go to the level Swaying Ghost House with a Bubble Baby Yoshi. The player must go to the area with the doors that go up and down and throw the Yoshi into the pit. It will then be suspended in the air.[2]


NOTE: These glitches result from how Mario and/or other characters interact with the world.

Nabbit chase glitch

The glitch seen in Rock-Candy Mines

This glitch happens during the Nabbit chases, where the player has to chase Nabbit and grab him while above a pit. Even though the player has caught Nabbit, the game instead thinks that he escaped and does not drop a P-Acorn upon returning to the world map.

Unbeatable Magikoopa glitch

Magikoopa flying out of the screen

This glitch only works in Boost Mode. When Magikoopa uses his magic in his boss fight to create blocks, the player has to put a Boost Block on top of him and jump below it. Magikoopa flies off the screen, making the battle unable to be beaten. This glitch works for almost any boss battle.


NOTE: These glitches abuse interactions that cause object and displayed information to perform unintended behaviors.

No boss music glitch

This only works on New Super Luigi U. The player should repeat the above glitch, but with a boss door. The player then has exactly 100 seconds to defeat the boss. However, no music is heard, although the boss' sound effects are kept.

Time freeze glitch

The player can still move around even though the timer is 000

The player should wait until the very end of the Time Limit on a Warp Pipe. If Mario enters the pipe exactly when the time changes from 001 to 000, he goes to the other side of it, and the timer remains stopped at 000 until the player touches the Goal Pole or exits the level. This goes the same for time Challenges on Challenge Mode. If one enters a door at the time where it turns from 001 to 000, they do not die as well.[1]

Timer sound playing twice glitch

In New Super Luigi U, if the player hits a Luigi Block for the first time in a play session (subsequently triggering the message describing the block's effects) before the "time warning" sound effect finishes playing, the sound effect starts over once the player has finished reading the message.


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