List of Mario Power Tennis glitches

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Banana glitch[edit]

This glitch requires good timing. In item battle mode, the server must hit the ball and activate the "fault" message. The opponent must have a banana item and after the "fault" message is activated, they must hit the ball while making sure it doesn't touch the ground before the ball is back to the server. If done correctly, the banana will still be seen on the ball with the server. However, it behaves normally.

Hovering Power Shots[edit]

In the Wii version, if a character is jumping while charging up a regular shot in response to a relatively high shot and meanwhile activates a power shot, the character will either remain in mid-air during the animation of said Power Shot or start the animation in the air before returning to the ground mid-animation. This has no effect on the trajectory of the ball nor can it be executed by characters that don't jump while charging a shot.

Inappropriate match animations[edit]

If a player or team earns the required amount of rings during a ring match before the opponent or the opponent's team does, but misses the ball or hits it out, it triggers their losing animation as though the player or team lost the match, while the opponent player acts as if the match is won. In the results screen, however, the animation and results are correct, meaning that the glitch does not prevent a recorded win.

Incorrect Wario audio[edit]

Occasionally, when a player-controlled Wario uses his Offensive Power Shot, Wario will begin saying his Defensive Power Shot Audio instead of his Offensive Power Shot Audio. This glitch has only been found on the Wii version.

Offensive Power Shot immunity[edit]

Normally, characters get pushed by back when rebounding Donkey Kong's Offensive Power Shot, even if they are using an Offensive Power Shot of their own, but Mario's Offensive Power shot grants him an immunity to that effect.
Mario not being pushed back as a result of the immunity glitch

Mario or Luigi rebounding an Offensive Power Shot with their Offensive Power Shot may not push them back or reverse their controls. However, Mario or Luigi still slow down from Offensive Power Shots such as Petey Piranha's Sludge Racket.

Power Shots losing effect[edit]

If an Offensive Power Shot is triggered too close to the net with the ball too close to the ground, the ball will lose the effect of the power shot while it travels, despite keeping the effect if defended by an opposing player. This glitch can often send the ball flying out of the court and can sometimes happen seemingly at random, far from the previously mentioned area.

Sliding Power Shots[edit]

On the Mario Bros. stage, when a Freezie turns the court into slippery ice, if the player triggers a power shot while sliding, the animation will carry the momentum and keep sliding until the end of the power shot, where the ball will be hit as intended even if the animation isn't displayed properly. This glitch will result in the character leaping further than intended if the Power Shot animation ends with a jump. If it starts with a jump, however, the glitch will not happen as the character returns to the default location when jumping. Some characters will not be affected by this glitch according to their power shot animations.