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This article is about the special moves in the Mario Tennis series. For the shot mechanic in the Mario Golf series, see Power Shot (Mario Golf series).
Wiggler's Anger Management Offensive Power Shot from Mario Power Tennis
Wiggler's Anger Management is an Offensive Power Shot in Mario Tennis: Power Tour.

Power Shots are special moves that appear in Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. They can be used by players and opponents, offensively or defensively during matches. Power Shots are replaced by Chance Shots in Mario Tennis Open and by Special Shot in Mario Tennis Aces.


Mario Power Tennis[edit]

Power Shots are special attacks unique to each character in Mario Power Tennis that are triggered from a button combination depending on the control scheme. If Power Shots are turned on, players' rackets will begin to glow and make a special sound after a set time to indicate that they can use a Power Shot.

If a players presses R Button and either A Button or X Button, an Offensive Power Shot will be performed. These come with special effects to disorient the opponent(s). If a player with a glowing racket returns an Offensive Power Shot, the glowing effect is removed and the player must recharge their racket. Any offensive power shot that occurs before this will still have an effect on the receiving player, even if they use their own offensive power shot. Mario's Iron Hammer is the exception, as it will cancel the knockback effects of any power shot he receives. If players set their control scheme to manual, the shot may fail if players are too far from the ball. If the control scheme is automatic, a Defensive Power Shot is performed instead.

If a player presses R Button and either B Button or Y Button a Defensive Power Shot will be performed. These are able to reach balls at greater distances, although some characters, namely Mario, Princess Daisy, and Petey Piranha, may not return the ball if they are too far away, even though the Defensive Power Shot is performed. Defensive Power Shots can also negate the added effects from Offensive Power Shots.

Characters Offensive Power Shots Defensive Power Shots
Mario Iron Hammer Spin Jump Return
Luigi Squeaky Mallet Poltergust Return
Princess Peach Super Peach Spin Sweet Kiss Return
Princess Daisy Wonder Flower Flowerbed Return
Wario Thunder Cast Shot Ultra-Hand Return
Waluigi Whirluigi Swimming Return
Bowser Fire Breath Spinning Shell Dash
Bowser Jr. Magic Paint Rolling Brush Return
Donkey Kong Barrel Cannon Blast Boomerang Banana Return
Diddy Kong Acrobatic Banana Barrel Jet
Yoshi Rainbow Flutter Rolling Egg Return
Koopa Troopa Water Bomb Water Shell Dash
Boo Boo Blast Boo Brigade Return
Shy Guy Lightning Spear Spear Dance Return
Fly Guy Tornado Twist Tornado Return
Koopa Paratroopa Energy Ball Sky Dive
Wiggler Anger Management Flutter Return
Petey Piranha Sludge Racket Piranha Swingback

Mario Tennis: Power Tour[edit]

Clay using the Falcon-Dive Save.
The Falcon-Dive Save is a Defensive Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis.

Mario Tennis: Power Tour's RPG mode revolves around the player and other characters developing Power Shots. Power Shots can be earned by completing minigames at the Tennis Academy Training Center, and the player can then assign any offensive or defensive Power Shot available to them, to Ace or to Clay. Power Shots are also used by members of the Royal Tennis Academy varsity class, competitors at the Island Open, and the entrants of the Peach Tournament. To use a Power Shot in the game, the Power Shot meter must be fully charged. When it is, a yellow-orange ring will appear around the players character. Hold R Button and press A Button for an Offensive Power Shot, and hold R Button and press B Button for a Defensive Power Shot.

Mario's, Princess Peach's, Luigi's, Waluigi's, Donkey Kong's and Bowser's Offensive and Defensive Power Shots return in this game. With 16 new Offensive Power Shots and 16 new Defensive Power Shots being used by players and the members of the Royal Tennis Academy.

Offensive Power Shots Defensive Power Shots
Power Shot Running Save
High-Power Shot Superswift Save
Curve Shot Lunging Save
Slider Shot High-Jump Save
Control Shot Quick Save
Flashflop Shot Quick-Step Save
Tackle Shot Hand-Power Save
Stunner Shot Psychic Save
Flying Shot Typhoon Save
Gyro Shot Bubble Save
Dragon Shot Illusory Save
Sonic Shot Spider Save
Blizzard Shot Falcon-Dive Save
Summoner Shot Shark-Bite Save
Specter Shot Shooting-Star Save
Volcano Shot Rainbow Save

Names in other languages[edit]

Power Shot[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Super Colpo
Super Shot

Offensive Power Shot[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Super Colpo offensivo
Offensive Super Shot
Spanish (NOE) Golpe especial ofensivo
Offensive Special Shot

Defensive Power Shot[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Super Colpo difensivo
Defensive Super Shot
Spanish (NOE) Golpe especial defensivo
Defensive Special Shot
Diddy Kong begins glowing after losing a point.


  • In Mario Power Tennis, computer opponents often glow when they lose a point and have a power shot available.