Clay Court

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Clay Court
Overview of the Clay Court from Mario Sports Superstars
Ball speed Slow
Bounce strength Weak
Appears in Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)
Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)
Mario Power Tennis
Mario Tennis: Power Tour
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis
Mario Tennis Open
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Mario Sports Superstars
Mario Tennis Aces

The Clay Court appears in all Mario Tennis games. In Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color and Mario Tennis: Power Tour, it is where the senior-ranked players play. Alex, Nina, Clay and Ace also play here to try to advance their way to varsity-ranked. Its ground is an orange-like color in all games. It has a slow speed and weak bounce, making drop shots more effective, but hindering the power of serves and stronger strokes. Defensive or fast characters are put to a slight advantage due to their statistics.


Mario Tennis series[edit]

Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)[edit]

The Clay Court makes its first appearance in the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Tennis. The court features a slow ball speed and weak bounce, setting the standard for all subsequent Mario Tennis games. The court also features French flags and green seating, referencing the real-world French Open, a famous worldwide tournament featuring clay courts.

Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)[edit]

The Clay Court appears for a second time in the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis. It acts and looks the same as the 64 version and is used by the player (Alex or Nina) in story mode to beat the senior ranked players to move on to the varsity ranked.

Mario Power Tennis / New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis[edit]

In Mario Power Tennis, the Clay Court appears in Peach Dome. When players choose this court, it is mentioned that the ball travels slowly due to weak bounces off the court.

Mario Tennis: Power Tour[edit]

The Clay Court once again appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance, acting the same as all previous games and being used in the same way as it was used in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color, acting as the court used for the senior-ranked players.

Mario Tennis Open[edit]

In Mario Tennis Open, the Clay Court appears in Mario Stadium. Like the other Clay Courts, it has a weak bounce with slow ball speed. The Champions Cup semifinals happen on this court.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash[edit]

The Clay Court appears in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash as one of the nine courts available. The ball travels slowly and bounces weakly, as the Sand Court makes the ball travel very slowly and bounce very weakly.

Mario Tennis Aces[edit]

Marina Stadium in Mario Tennis Aces includes a clay court variant with the similar attributes the other clay courts have: slow ball speed with normal bounce.

Mario Sports Superstars[edit]

The Clay Court returns in the tennis mode of Mario Sports Superstars and is used in the Star Cup. It features low bounce and low ball speed, similar to previous installments of the Mario Tennis series.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレイコート
Kurei Kōto
Clay Court

Italian Campo in terra battuta (Mario Tennis (GBC))
Campo in terra
Clay court
Ground Field
Spanish (NOE) Pista de tierra batida
Clay Court