List of Mario Sports Superstars digital cards

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This article is about the digital cards collectable in-game. For the physical amiibo cards, see List of Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards.
A completed collection album from Mario Sports Superstars
A filled out collection album of digital cards

The following is a list of all 324 collectable digital cards from Mario Sports Superstars, items players can obtain from the Shop under the "Collection" tab in the main menu. These cards are purchasable in random packs with coins earned in-game, either by completing tasks or finding ? crates in horse racing. Players can buy a 3-card pack for 300 coins, a 10-card pack for 1000 coins, or a 3 card pack with no doubles with 100 double cards. amiibo can also be used to purchase the 3 card packs with doubles, having up to three taps per day. When players view their amiibo cards, gyro controls are used to view the card at various angles. Rarer cards have more luster to them, similar to real-life rare cards.

Players can additionally unlock new gear to use for aesthetics purposes if they receive the card of the gear in it in its respective sport. The gear applies only to the character it was assigned to. For example, Baby Luigi uses 1-Up Mushroom-themed gear and if players unlock the 1-Up Mushroom tennis racket, they can use the gear as a choice for Baby Luigi in tennis.

The "Rare" versions of the cards use their respective amiibo card artwork.

Super Rare[edit]

Rare Soccer[edit]

Rare Baseball[edit]

Rare Tennis[edit]

Rare Golf[edit]

Rare Horse Racing[edit]

Normal Soccer[edit]

Normal Baseball[edit]

Normal Tennis[edit]

Normal Golf[edit]

Normal Horse Racing[edit]

Sub Character[edit]

Note: Although Yellow Penguin Toad is depicted playing soccer, he is not actually usable in soccer.

Pro Soccer Gear[edit]

Pro Baseball Gear[edit]

Pro Tennis Gear[edit]

Pro Golf Gear[edit]

Pro Horse Symbols[edit]