Sky Peak 2

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Sky Peak 2
Sky Peak 2 overview from Mario Sports Superstars
Appears in Mario Sports Superstars
Cup(s) Champion's Cup
Distance 1000m
Course map
Map of Sky Peak 2 from Mario Sports Superstars

Sky Peak 2 is the second track of the Sky Peak courses and the second Champion's Cup track in the horse racing mode of Mario Sports Superstars. As with the entire set of Sky Peak tracks, it is unlocked when players clear the Star Cup. The track rests at 1000m, making it the longest track in the game. The track features many split paths, narrow curving roads, and very tall rock ramps that players need to jump over tall gaps in order to reach items strewn on top of them.

Course layout[edit]

Players first start on a straight line before making a turn to the right, where the path splits into two. The leftmost path contains a dash panel, but no items such as carrots and stars. The right path contains carrots, and it splits into two paths. The left path rejoins with the leftmost path, holding a cluster of stars at one section, while the right most path contains a very narrow stone walkway through lots of snow, as well as containing many small stepping stones through the snow; as a result, this path contains a large amount of carrots and stars, especially if players take the right path of the stepping stones, which has a total of five stars in it; as a sidenote, computer opponents never take this path. When the paths rejoin, it leads to a curve through hedges and a very narrow road with grass for offroad on the edges, and this eventually leads to a narrow wooden bridge with a star on it. Past another curving, narrow road, players eventually see many paths to take and rock ramps that lead players to higher areas. The rightmost rock path takes players up high, until they need to cross a high wooden platform for its stars by jumping over the gaps. The lower paths to the left have a smaller rock platform and a cluster of stars, while the rightmost area has a dash panel and stars to collect. After players jump over a hedge past the raised wooden platform, they encounter many hedges and trees to avoid, with carrots and stars being uncommon and dash panels being strewn on the rightmost edge of this portion. This is the last area of the track, and past this area with trees and hedges is the finish line.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Montañas Azules B
Blue Mountains B