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Mario standing over a blue Chance Shot area.

A Chance Shot is a special type of shot from the Mario Tennis series, first appearing Mario Tennis Open and later appearing in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and the tennis mode of Mario Sports Superstars. Succeeding the Power Shot from Mario Power Tennis, these shots are more powerful than regular shots, and cause a variety of effects when they are rebounded, such as momentarily stunning a player. Special icons appear on the court when the ball is hit, usually due to a bad rebound from the opponent. The icon on the court can take on many colors and icons, each represented by a Mario enemy or item. Players need to hit the corresponding button to activate the chance shot; for example, blue Chance Shots take effect if players use their slice button. The effect of the ball is dependent on the type of chance shot represented. Players need to counter the type of Chance Shot with a specific shot of their own; for example, characters who have a red Chance Shot incoming can counter it more effectively with a slice shot; the counters are represented on the glowing area on the touch screen in Mario Tennis Open. Furthermore, some characters have stronger Chance Shots than others and some characters rebound less; Metal Mario for example has one of the strongest stunning Chance Shots in the game and takes less time getting stunned than smaller, lighter, and weaker characters such as Diddy Kong. Players can also use their simple shot button to activate and rebound Chance Shots, but their effects are weaker than manually selecting a corresponding button.

The following is a table listing all Chance Shots and their effects:

Color Icon Screenshot Effect Counter
Red Fire Flower ChanceShotRed MTO.jpg Creates a flaming topspin similar to Mario's Iron Hammer and Bowser's Fire Breath. When opponents hit this Chance Shot, they can be be drastically pushed back. Slice (blue)
Blue Blooper ChanceShotBlue MTO.jpg Creates a highly curving slice with a blue sparkling trail. Players who receive this shot spin out of control for a brief moment. Topspin (red)
Purple Star ChanceShotPurple MTO.jpg Similar to a Smash Shot, but this Chance Shot is much stronger. Flat (purple)
Yellow Cheep-Cheep ChanceShotYellow MTO.jpg Creates a curving extreme lob that bounces at the back edge of the court. Slice (blue)
Gray Bob-omb ChanceShotWhite MTO.jpg Creates an even lower drop shot than a normal one. Topspin (red)