Galaxy Rally

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Galaxy Rally.

Galaxy Rally is a Special Game found in Mario Tennis Open. It is very similar to Gooper Blooper Volley from Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube. It is played on the Galaxy Arena court. In this Special Game, players have to rebound the ball to Luma successfully a certain number of times. After the player serves, when the ball bounces, the ball removes one out of the four Shrinking Tiles on the whole court, putting that section of the court temporarily out of play. If the ball bounces into the open space, it falls into the Black Hole below and the player loses a try. Also, if the player fails to hit back the ball to the Luma, the player also loses a try. After the player successfully rebounds the ball, the previous empty Shrinking Tile area is restored while another disappears.

Initially, one of the four Shrinking Tiles is missing. However, once forty rebounds are made two of the four Shrinking Tiles may be missing. Even later during the Gold difficulty, three of the four Shrinking Tiles may be missing.

During the gameplay, there are Star Chips found on the visible Shrinking Tiles. If the ball intersects any of them, players can receive coins while a section of the Launch Star meter is filled. Once the player collects all five chips, he or she assembles a Launch Star. Once the ball collides with the Launch Star, the Launch Star gives the player five coins and moves to another visible Shrinking Tile. For every consecutive intersection, the Launch Star gives five more coins. After a while, the Launch Star's meter goes down until it is empty, making the Launch Star disappear. However, the Star Chips reappear. Collecting coins or Star Chips are not required to clear this Special Game.

Many Super Mario Galaxy related objects appear in the Special Minigame, including a planet from the Gateway Galaxy, some Lumas, and the theme from Good Egg Galaxy being played.

  • Bronze (Rising Star) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully 30 times.
  • Silver (Shooting Star) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully 50 times.
  • Gold (Superstar) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully 100 times.
  • Extreme Challenge (Galaxy Rally Challenge) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully until they fail on their third try.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Peloteo Galáctico Galaxy Rally
French Échanges galactiques Galactic Exchanges
Dutch Ruimterally Space Rally


  • If Luma is being played as, the computer player will be a Blue Luma instead.