Good Egg Galaxy

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Good Egg Galaxy
Good Egg Galaxy
Area Terrace
How to unlock Collect the Grand Star in the Gateway Galaxy
Boss(es) Dino Piranha
King Kaliente
Comet(s) Speedy Comet
Purple Comet
Mission(s) Dino Piranha
A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
Dino Piranha Speed Run
Purple Coin Omelet
Luigi on the Roof
Music track(s) Egg Planet
Space Fantasy
Dino Piranha
Pipe Interior
A Tense Moment
King Kaliente
Speedy Comet
Stars StarStarStarSpeedy Comet StarPurple Comet StarSecret Star
Galaxy icon The starting planet, the Boulder planet, Dino Piranha's planet, the Egg planet, an unused grassy bowl-shaped planet, and some small asteroids

Good Egg Galaxy is the second galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the first level within the Terrace dome. Most of the planets in this galaxy are lush and grassy, with some of them resembling food. Dino Piranha and King Kaliente are the bosses in this galaxy. Good Egg Galaxy has the most planets out of any other galaxy in the two Super Mario Galaxy games, having 19 accessible planets in total. The name of this galaxy is most likely a pun on "good egg", which means a reliable and pleasant person.

The original E3 demo and gameplay footage mostly featured segments from Good Egg Galaxy, along with a mixed-in level from Space Junk Galaxy. The galaxy went through a few revisions before its final version, mostly involving planets getting redesigned or removed, as seen in the GDC 2007 Trailer.

The game cover of Super Mario Galaxy features five planets from this galaxy.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting planet[edit]

The starting planet
This picture is sent to the Wii Message Board once Mario gets all 121 Power Stars and talks to Mailtoad
Mario and Princess Peach relaxing here

The starting planet is a multi-sided planet. The first side is sunny and contains flowers, grasses and with Star Bits and Coins hidden in them. There is also a house with a tree on the right and two Electrogoombas guarding the area. There are two bridges, one on each side, that leads to the second side of the planet. Inside the house, there is a ? Coin which releases several notes. After collecting all of the notes, a 1-Up Mushroom will appear. In "Luigi on the Roof", Luigi is located on top of the house.

The other side of the planet has many dead trees with Star Bits on their branches and a constant rain of them coming down from above. In the center of the planet, there is a giant tower with a special side without gravity and allows Mario to walk up it. At the end of the side, there is an Electrogoomba.

In various levels, there will be Launch Stars placed in three different locations. In the missions "Dino Piranha", "Dino Piranha Speed Run" and "Luigi on the Roof", it can be found at the top of the tower and leads to the Boulder planet. In "A Snack of Cosmic Proportions" and "Purple Coin Omelet", the Launch Star is located at the top of three Pull Stars at the end of a stone walkway next to the tower. This leads to a maze of three planets, being the Tropic planets and the Egg planet. Finally, in "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet", the Launch Star is on top of the house on the sunnier side of the planet and leads to the Tropic planets.

In early versions of the game, the planet looked drastically different. It had a more realistic house, a pine tree instead of a regular tree, and no stairwell leading up to the twisty walkway.

Mario beginning the Dino Piranha mission.
The dark planet in Good Egg Galaxy.
The dark side of the starting planet.
The dark planet in Good Egg Galaxy.
The twisty walkway on the planet's underside.

Boulder planet[edit]

The Boulder planet

The Boulder planet is a peanut shaped planet with lots of mud and Boulders in "Dino Piranha" and "Luigi on the Roof". However, in "Dino Piranha Speed Run", the boulders are replaced by Chomps. Mario can either dodge or destroy the Boulders with his Spin, but he cannot hurt the Chomps.

To get here, Mario must take a launch star from the starting planet. Mario must collect the five Star Chips found on the planet to create a Launch Star that takes Mario to the Bean planet.

This planet had a different color appearance when it was first seen, but it ends up appearing with a recolor in the final version of the game. It was originally supposed to be blue.

Bean planet[edit]

The bean-like planet

The bean planet is a small, grassy planet with one Piranha Plant and a few Slurples. On the bottom side of the planet, there is a ? Coin which creates many Star Bits leading back to the Piranha Plant.

Mario can reach this planet via the Launch Star from the Boulder planet. Mario can stomp or spin the Piranha Plant to defeat it. After being defeated, the Piranha Plant will release a Sproutle Vine, which allows Mario to climb to the Bitten Apple planet.

Many planets similar to this one can be found in other galaxies and in early versions of the game.

Bitten Apple planet[edit]

Bitten Apple Planet.png
An overview of the Bitten Apple planet.
A Spiny Piranha Plant in the Good Egg Galaxy
Mario finds a Spiny Piranha Plant on the planet.

The Bitten Apple planet, as its name indicates, resembles a green bitten apple, and marks a checkpoint. There are boulders rolling all over the planet, and a large purple Piranha Plant on the top. In "Dino Piranha Speed Run", the boulders are replaced with Chomps. In the middle of the planet, there is a black hole, which will make Mario lose a life if he falls into it. If Mario stands on one of the bridges on the starting planet, he can see the Bitten Apple Planet and the Flipswitch Planet. If Mario turns to a certain angle he can see a pipe but oddly, if he turns the other way, it disappears.

On this planet, the player can advance to the very end of the planet to battle a Spiny Piranha Plant, which will release a Sproutle Vine to the Block-Climb planet. The player can also go across a shrinking platform to use a Warp Pipe with a Piranha Plant in it to reach the Flipswitch planet.

Flipswitch planet[edit]

The Flipswitch planet

The Flipswitch planet is a planet covered in Flipswitch Panels. It also has a few red platforms with spikes on the sides that can hurt Mario, but he can also use them to carry him across the planet. This planet can be accessed via a Warp Pipe in the Bitten Apple planet. If Mario presses all of the Flipswitch Panels in the first area, the panels in the second area will appear. After activating all of them, a Launch Star leading to the Block-Climb planet will appear. This planet plays the Space Fantasy music.

Block-Climb planet[edit]

The Block-Climb planet

The Block-Climb planet is a planet that can be accessed by either launching off a Launch Star in the Flipswitch planet or by taking the Sproutle Vine that comes out of the Spiny Piranha Plant on the Bitten Apple planet. This planet marks a checkpoint and is a grassy oval with three stone blocks on it, and there are some Electrogoombas that are guarding them. There are some coins on the stone blocks, which serve as steps to the very top where a Launch Star can be found. This Launch Star takes Mario to the Dino-Geo planet. Behind the set of the three stone steps, there is a 1-Up Mushroom. The planet also contains a Luma and several Tracks.

Dino Geo planet[edit]

The "Geo Planet" from Super Mario Galaxy. This image shows all of the planet's features without Mario or the Dino Piranha trampling all over it. Grass, gravel, and an egg.
Mario about to initiate hatching of Dino Piranha

The Dino Geo planet is a small round planet that is the last planet visited in the levels "Dino Piranha" and "Dino Piranha Speed Run". Dino Piranha is fought on this planet.

The planet is a large brown oval with several yellow objects on the ground which releases coins when shot with Star Bits. There are several crystals with coins and star bits in them. On top of the planet is a giant egg that is automatically cracked open when Mario lands on the planet. Dino Piranha hatches, and the boss battle starts. After defeating Dino Piranha, a Power Star appears here. A similar planet appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in the Boss Blitz Galaxy. On that planet, Dino Piranha is fought once again as a returning boss.

Super Mario Galaxy trading card description[edit]


Landing on this planet seems unevental. That is, until Mario makes his way to the other side. He spies a giant walking egg with a tail sticking out-definitely something to be investigated. Spin Mario against the large ball on the end of the tail to crack open the shell. Out bursts Dino Piranha - the boss of this world, who Mario must battle to gain the first Power Star in the Good Egg Galaxy.

Pear planet[edit]

A pear-looking planetoid

The Pear planet is a pear-shaped planet covered in grass that appears in "A Snack of Cosmic Proportions" and "Purple Coin Omelet". There are several Star Bits in the Crystals found on the planet along with a few Goombas and prickly plants. A Launch Star that takes Mario to the Rock planet can be found here.

Rock planet[edit]

The Rock planet

The Rock planet is a giant red rock with Boulders rolling all over it. It is accessible via a Launch Star in the Pear planet. The Launch Star on this planet takes Mario to the Egg planet. Like the previous planet, the rock planet also has some Crystals and a ? Block. There is also a Sling Star that can launch Mario into a coin.

Egg planet[edit]

Egg planet from Good Egg Galaxy
The Egg planet from a bird's eye view

The Egg planet is a planet that resembles a giant Yoshi's Egg. There are many Goombas on the planet. There are also several crystals that are found on the planet. The Launch Star on this planet leads back to the Pear planet. This planet is accessible via the Launch Star on the Rock planet.

On this planet, there is a Hungry Luma that transforms into a new planet when fed 100 Star Bits.

Tower planet[edit]

The Tower planet

The Tower planet is a planet that is made by the Hungry Luma on the Egg planet and is shaped like a giant mountain with many stone platforms on the other side. These platforms can help Mario jump up to get to the top. Prickly plants and Goombas are found on the planet. The flowers can be defeated by the rubbery bulbs. At the top of the stone platforms, there is a Launch Star that leads to the Pill planet.

An almost identical planet with the same name appears in the Yoshi Star Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the only differences being that the planet in that galaxy is already present, and there are bones on the planet in the second game. When Mario is very far from the planet, it appears as a different low-poly egg-shaped planet, which was likely originally in place of the Tower Planet before getting added.

Pill planet[edit]

An obstacle-filled section of the Pill planet.
Mario in the Good Egg Galaxy
The Launch Star in the top section of the Pill planet.

The Pill planet is the biggest planet in the Good Egg Galaxy. It is shaped like a giant transparent pill with many enemies and obstacles on the inside including different sections where the gravity is shifted around. Red goes away from the core, and blue goes towards it. It resembles a Capsule.

This planet is reached via the Launch Star on the tower planet, and marks a checkpoint. When Mario first arrives here, he will be on the transparent coating of the planet. He has to destroy the crystal to get inside. After making his way through the obstacles, another Launch Star will blast him through the glass and to the final planet of the mission; the Star planet.

Star planet[edit]

The Star planet

The last planet of the second mission, which resembles a Sling Star. Mario must collect Blue Star Chips to create some Pull Stars. Mario must then use the Pull Stars to get to the Power Star in the center of the Planet, though he can simply Long Jump and perform a Spin to get to the Star.

Tropic planets[edit]

The Tropic planets.

The Tropic planets are a pair of planets with prickly plants and coconuts that can be put to different uses depending on which planet Mario is on. The planets are made up of a combination of sand and grass with scattered palm trees and crates. On the first planet, there are multiple prickly plants which Mario can destroy with a coconut, but to access the next planet, he must destroy a giant prickly plant at the top to make a Sling Star appear. The second Tropic planet has several Goombas and a Pokeynut. When the Pokeynut comes to the surface, Mario must hit its head with a coconut or hit its body, which will destroy a body segment and lower its head closer to the ground. After doing this, a Launch Star will appear to send Mario to the Chomp Saucer planet. The first Tropic planet is accessed by blasting off the Starting Planet in "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet".

Water planets[edit]

The seven inaccessible Water Planets
The seven inaccessible water planets.

The water planets are small rocks in the sky surrounded by water which float all around the Tropic planets. They are inaccessible during the regular levels, but, through hacking, Mario can visit them as they have their own gravity field. Other than that, they are mostly for ambience while Mario soars past them on his way to the Tropical Planets.

Asteroid planet[edit]

Asteroid Planet.png

The Asteroid planet is a small, optional, planet accessible from the Chomp Saucer planet with two Chain Chomps rolling around it. Mario can enter a Warp Pipe in this planet, which leads to the inside; a room with many Goombas and a Rainbow Star. In the early version of the game, there were several planets similar to this planet.

Chomp Saucer planet[edit]

Saucer Planet Egg.png
The grassy side of the Chomp Saucer planet.
Mario in the Good Egg Galaxy
The Chomp Saucer planet's underside.

The Chomp Saucer planet is a large grass-covered planet that is accessed from the Tropic planets and has a crystal containing a Launch Star at the very end of it. This Launch Star leads to the airships. Enemies on this planet include Electrogoombas, Bill Blasters, Chomps in two sizes, Amps and burners. There are electric barriers placed throughout the planet that has to be crossed. Once Mario reaches the end, a Launch Star will take him to King Kaliente's fleet.

Super Mario Galaxy trading card description[edit]


Once Mario gets to the top of this planet in the Good Egg Galaxy, he finds it is littered with half-buried blocks. It's tempting to climb up to grab all the coins, but if he does, he becomes visible to his enemies. Mario needs to focus on the Launch Star, which is located on top of the Bullet Bill cannons and protected by Electrogoombas. Mario must spin them away to claim the prize.

Octopus airships[edit]


There are two airships floating in space which are both commanded by King Kaliente. The first airship is accessed from the Launch Star on the Chomp Saucer planet, and marks a checkpoint. There are two Roctos firing coconuts at it from the second ship. If Mario defeats both of them, the bridge is opened.

At the end of the bridge, there is a Sling Star that leads into the main section of the ship with several Electrogoombas. If Mario takes the Launch Star located on this ship, he will travel to the Octo Magma planet.

Octo Magma planet[edit]

Mario on the Octo Magma planet

The Octo Magma planet is an extremely large stone UFO-like planet with a pool of lava in the middle. In the level "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet", King Kaliente appears here as the boss. He emerges from the lava and fires coconuts and fireballs at Mario.

The planet is mostly made up of black tar and rock mixed together by the gigantic pool of hot lava in the middle. This planet is larger than other planets like the Tropic planets. Underneath the Magma planet, there is a rocky area with yellow rings on it, similar to a target. This also resembles a chocolate donut. When the planet is not normally visited, it is drained of its lava.



Level Image Summary
Dino Piranha Dino Piranha with a purple head This mission involves Mario fighting Dino Piranha.
A Snack of Cosmic Proportions Egg planet from Good Egg Galaxy In this mission, Mario has to collect 100 Star Bits to feed a Hungry Luma.
King Kaliente's Battle Fleet King Kaliente spits a Coconut This mission involves Mario navigating a battle fleet to fight King Kaliente.
Dino Piranha Speed Run A screenshot of the Dino Piranha Speed Run mission in Good Egg Galaxy. This mission is a speedrun variant of the Dino Piranha mission. A Speedy Comet needs to orbit the Galaxy for this mission to be playable.
Purple Coin Omelet Mario in the Good Egg Galaxy This mission involves Mario collecting 100 Purple Coins. This mission is only playable if The Fate of the Universe has been completed.
Luigi on the Roof Luigi sends Mario a postcard pointing out he is in the Good Egg Galaxy In this mission, Mario has to rescue Luigi from the top of the roof of the starting planet.

Other appearances[edit]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]

Good Egg Galaxy appears as the location for both the Individual and Team versions of the Dream Event Dream Ski Jumping in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It features airships, the starting planet, three Star planets, blue crystals and the water planets as obstacles that can be collided with, and a black hole as a hazard when characters fall off the landing platform. The course also features Star Bits that when collected award the player points, Balloons that the player can collect items from, Bonus panels that can be collected to double the player's score and star lines that allow them to travel faster.

Fortune Street[edit]

Main article: Good Egg Galaxy (board)

The Good Egg Galaxy appears as one of the boards for the Super Mario franchise in the game Fortune Street. Elements from the Galaxy are seen throughout the board, while the board itself is looped around the Pill planet.

Mario Golf: World Tour / Mario Sports Superstars[edit]

A few planets of the Good Egg Galaxy appear in Mario Golf: World Tour, as well as Mario Sports Superstars, in Rosalina's Eagle, Albatross, and Hole-in-One animations.

Official description[edit]

Fortune Street[edit]

  • Flag of USA.png "A capsule-shaped planet in the Good Egg Galaxy. You have to be very careful not to get lost there."



Main article: Egg Planet
Audio.svg Egg Planet
File infoMedia:Good Egg Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy.oga
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This galaxy's theme, titled "Egg Planet", is reused in the original game when Mario and Princess Peach are whisked away with the final Grand Star.

The music was later reused in the Grandmaster Galaxy mission "The Perfect Run" in Super Mario Galaxy 2, along with the music from Gusty Garden Galaxy, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, and the Comet Observatory. A cover of the music can also be found in World 1's map after Green Star comets appear.

Part of Good Egg Galaxy's music returns in Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road music. An arrangement of Good Egg Galaxy's music appears as one of the selectable songs that can be played during events in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Both the original version of the song as well as a new arrangement by Noboku Toda are featured in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッグプラネットギャラクシー
Eggu Puranetto Gyarakushī
Egg Planet Galaxy
Chinese 蛋蛋星银河
Dàn dàn xīng yínhé
Egg Planet Galaxy
French (NOA) Planètes Œufs Egg Planets
French (NOE) Planètes œufs (Super Mario Galaxy)
Galaxie des planètes œufs (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games)
Egg Planets
Egg Planets Galaxy
German Eierplanet-Galaxie Egg-Planet Galaxy
Italian Galassia Uovo Egg Galaxy
Korean 에그 플래닛 갤럭시
Egeu Peullaenit Gaelleoksi
Egg Planet Galaxy
Portuguese Galáxia Ovo-Estrela Egg-Star Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Ovoestrella Egg-Star Galaxy


  • The galaxy's level select model has a hemispherical grassy dirt planet that is not found anywhere in the galaxy. This planet actually goes unused within the files of Super Mario Galaxy, but textured with blue dirt instead of brown dirt.
  • On some planets, such as the Chomp Saucer Planet, a multicolored cube planet can be seen in the distance out in space. It is actually the location in which the orange Warp Pipes on the Starting Planet lead to. An identical planet is visible in the Deep Dark Galaxy, while a similar spherical planet can be seen in the Toy Time Galaxy.
  • In the E3 2007 build of Super Mario Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy was known as "Egg Planet Galaxy", which is its original Japanese name.
  • Gusty Garden Galaxy originally had Good Egg Galaxy's background.