King Kaliente's Battle Fleet

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King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
King Kaliente spits a Coconut
Location Good Egg Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) King Kaliente
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King Kaliente's Battle Fleet is the third mission of Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, where the player fights King Kaliente.


A tropical planet with a Pokeynut on it.
Mario battling a Pokeynut on the tropic planet

At the start of the mission, the player lands on the starting planet, similar to the first two missions. The player can reach the Launch Star on the house with a Triple Jump or through an orange Warp Pipe on the underside of the planet. The Warp Pipe leads to a boxed room that contains coins embedded in the ground and a ? Coin that activates some notes. The Warp Pipe on top of this room takes the player to the Launch Star, which leads them to the tropic planets, which have a large amount of prickly plants. A purple Toad is inside a crystal next to where the player lands. If the player frees him by breaking it, he thanks the player and advises them that the prickly plants are weak to coconuts and that the player can spin into the coconuts to make them hit the prickly plants. (If the player has 9999 Star Bits, the coconuts turn into watermelons, but the purple Toad still refers to them as coconuts.) The largest prickly plant contains a Sling Star, which the player must destroy with a coconut. The next tropic planet after the Sling Star has a Pokeynut. Once the player defeats it with coconuts, a Launch Star appears, which the player can use.

The player lands on top of the Sling Star of the asteroid planet. They can choose not to use it and instead walk to the bottom and use a Warp Pipe; which leads to a spherical area with a ? Coin and some Goombas. The ? Coin triggers a Rainbow Star to appear, allowing the player to defeat the Goombas and the Chomps encircling the Asteroid planet. Once the player uses the Sling Star, they can proceed to the underside of the Chomp Saucer planet. It has several electric rails and Goombas. On the top side of this planet, there is a large structure with platforms leading to the top of the structure, cannons that shoot Bullet Bills and Chomps, and Electrogoombas that walk back and forth on the platforms. A crystal at the top of the structure contains a Launch Star that launches the player onto an airship.

On the airship, there are two Roctos that shoot coconuts or fireballs at the player from an adjacent airship. Here, a green Toad can be found trapped in a crystal. Upon being freed, he suggests that the player spin to rebound these coconuts to defeat them. Once the Roctos are defeated, the bridge between the two ships lowers. Electrogoombas are located on the other airship. A crate on the second airship contains a Life Mushroom. At the end of the second ship, there is a Launch Star inside a crystal that takes the player to the bottom of the Octo Magma planet, which contains embedded coins. The Luma nearby warns the player of King Kaliente. The top of the planet contains a magma pit and several crystals containing Star Bits.

When the player goes to the top of the planet King Kaliente emerges from the magma pit. King Kaliente shoots three fireballs at a time and then shoots one coconut. The player can hit this coconut to inflict a hit and release Star Bits. If the player hits another coconut, King Kaliente attempts to rebound it, which the player can hit again to inflict another hit. This hit knocks King Kaliente's crown off, enraging him. King Kaliente then proceeds to throw several Lava Bubbles. King Kaliente also rebounds the coconut twice. Once the player inflicts the third hit, they defeat King Kaliente, and a Power Star is released, which hovers above a ledge near the magma pit.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese UFO艦隊かんたいの オタキング
UFO kantai no Ota Kingu
King Kaliente's UFO Armada
Chinese UFO舰队的八爪王
UFO jiànduì de bāzhǎo wáng
King Kaliente of UFO Fleet
French (NOA) La Flotte de Poulpoboss King Kaliente's Fleet
French (NOE) La flotte de Poulpoboss King Kaliente's Fleet
German Otakönigs UFO-Armada King Kaliente's UFO Armada
Italian Re Kaliente e la Flotta Ufo King Kaliente and the UFO Fleet
Korean UFO함대의 옥토킹
UFO Hamdae ui Oktoking
King Kaliente of UFO Fleet
Spanish (NOA) La Flota del Magmapulpo King Kaliente's Fleet
Spanish (NOE) El Frikipulpo de la armada de OVNIs King Kaliente of the UFO Armada