Through the Poison Swamp

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Through the Poison Swamp
The second area of Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Location Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Through the Poison Swamp is the only mission of the Bubble Breeze Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to use a large bubble to get around the swamp.


The player will start on a small island within the swamp. Down the swamp on one of the other islands is a large bubble blower, and the player has to jump into the bubble and use it to navigate around the swamp. Within the swamp are five Star Chips the player has to collect while avoiding Space Mines and using fans to get around. Collecting all the Star Chips will form a Launch Star that will launch Mario to the next area.

The next area has many moving Space Mines and rotating obstacles the player has to navigate through. Along the way, the player may come across ! Switches that will open up a gate for a short time to optional pathways containing coins. At the end of the swamp, the Power Star is found in the middle of two circling Space Mines.

Mario can cheese the level in the second half: the Power Star is right next to where he lands in that area after taking the Launch Star from the first area. The rocks immediately behind him were apparently programmed as flat ground instead of as slopes that would cause him to slide when landed on, so a well timed Backward Somersault and Star Spin onto those rocks, followed by more well-timed jumping, allow him to reach the sandy island where the Star is.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オオアワにられて
Ō-awa ni yurarete
Rolling Around in a Big Bubble

Chinese 大气泡摇啊摇
Dà qìpào yáo a yáo
Shake Shake the Big Bubble

French (NOA) À Travers le Marécage Empoisonné
Through the Poison Swamp
French (NOE) Contre vents et marais
Against Winds and Marshes
German Von der großen Blase geschüttelt
Shaken by the big Bubble
Italian Mega Bolla Shock
Mega Bubble Shock
Korean 둥둥방울을 타고
Dungdung bangul eul tago
Riding on a Floating Bubble

Spanish (NOA) Al Son de las Burbujas
At the Sound of the Bubbles
Spanish (NOE) Al son de las burbujas
At the sound of the bubbles


  • It is possible to skip the second half of the level. The player must go to the south part of the starting platform, then backflip while moving towards the wall. If done correctly, an invisible platform will be under Mario/Luigi. They can then long jump to the right to get the Star.