The Electric Labyrinth

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The Electric Labyrinth
The Electric Labyrinth of the Bubble Blast Galaxy
Location Bubble Blast Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Electric Labyrinth is the only mission of the Bubble Blast Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission involves using a bubble to traverse obstacles.


Bubble Blast Galaxy
Each of the different areas.

The player starts on a star-shaped planet with five pipes. The player must go through the challenges on the other side of each of them in order to collect all the Star Chips, with all the areas being surrounded by electric rails. Upon collecting the Star Chip in the area, the player can use a Sling Star to return to the starting planet.

  • The pipe on the top leads to an area with three rotating walls, which act as obstacles that can push the player into the electric rails.
  • The pipe to the left leads to an area with moving electric rails the player must navigate around.
  • The pipe to the bottom-left leads to an area with Fire Shooters. The Sling Star is strangely placed behind the pipe into the area, making its use rather redundant as the player can simply just go back through the pipe.
  • The pipe to the bottom-right leads to an area with many moving Amps.
  • The pipe to the right leads to an area with many Space Mines, which the player must navigate around.

After collecting all five Star Chips, a Launch Star appears to take the player to the next area.

The second half of the galaxy is a long path with Bullet Bills being fired out of a Bill Blaster, along with many Space Mines and moving walls. Near the end of the challenge is a row of Bill Blasters that will fire Bullet Bills in a condensed area. At the end of the path is the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 電撃地獄でんげきじごくで バブルトリップ
Dengeki jigoku de baburu torippu
Bubble Trip Through the Electric Shock Hell
Chinese 电击地狱的气泡旅行
Diànjī dìyù de qìpào lǚxíng
Bubble trip of Electric Shock Inferno
French (NOA) Le Labyrinthe Survolté The Electric Labyrinth
French (NOE) Voyage en bulle survoltée Trip in an overvoltaged bubble
German Blasenreise durch die Elektrowelt Bubble Travel through the Electric World
Italian Labirinto Elettroinfernale Electro-infernal labyrinth
Korean 지옥에서 방울 여행
Jiogeseo bang-ul yeohaeng
Bubble Trip at the Inferno
Spanish (NOA) El Laberinto Eléctrico The Electric Labyrinth
Spanish (NOE) Viaje burbujil electroinfernal Electro-infernal bubble trip