Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom

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Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Luigi's postcard when he is trapped in the Honeyhive Galaxy
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“I found a Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. Power Star, so let's go home.”
Luigi, Super Mario Galaxy

Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom is the sixth mission in Honeyhive Galaxy. It can only be completed once the player has rescued Luigi from Ghostly Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, and Battlerock Galaxy, as well as talking to Mailtoad once the letter is given to him. The player can complete this mission's task in any of Honeyhive Galaxy's other missions except during Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race.


Luigi's fourth destination is the Honeyhive Galaxy. Once again, he needs the player to rescue him, this time from a "big, scary bug." Luigi is found clinging to a tree during the first mission, Bee Mario Takes Flight. To get to Luigi, the player must use a Bee Mushroom to fly up the hill at the start of the level into the next area. In that area, the thin wooden wall must then be climbed to the top without falling off. At the peak, Luigi is seen clinging to a tree because he is afraid of a nearby Flipbug. After the player ground pounds, bumps into him or shoots a Star Bit at him, he falls and gives the player the Power Star that he found. After completing this mission and rescuing Luigi, he appears at the Comet Observatory. Talking to him reveals that he has stopped searching for Power Stars, as it is too scary for him.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミツバチ王国おうこくの ルイージ
Mitsubachi Ōkoku no Ruīji
Luigi in the Honey Bee Kingdom

Chinese 蜜蜂王国的路易吉
Mìfēng wángguó de Lùyìjí
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom

French (NOA) Luigi au Royaume des Abeilles
Luigi at the Honeyhive Kingdom
French (NOE) Luigi au royaume des abeilles
Luigi at the honeyhive kingdom
German Luigi im Honigbienenkönigreich
Italian Luigi nel Regno Dolceape
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Korean 꿀벌왕국의 루이지
Kkulbeol wangguk ui Ru'iji
Luigi in the Honey Bee Kingdom

Spanish (NOA) Luigi en el Reino de las Abejas
Luigi in the Bee Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Luigi en el Reino de Abejas
Luigi in the Bee Kingdom