Bonefin Galaxy

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Bonefin Galaxy
Bonefin Galaxy.png 
Area Engine Room 
How to unlock Have 55 stars and complete Giant Eel Outbreak 
Boss(es) Kingfin 
Level(s) Kingfin's Fearsome Waters 
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. 
Galaxy icon Kingfin's Planet

The Bonefin Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy, like the Drip Drop Galaxy, is basically a large body of water with a solid core. However, unlike the Drip Drop Galaxy, this galaxy has a large, spiky shell shielding most of it. This galaxy is home to Kingfin, a gigantic skeletal shark that Mario must defeat to earn a Power Star.


The Starshroom (starting planet) and Kingfin's Planet


When Mario first enters the galaxy, he will start out on a green Starshroom near the Kingfin Planet. There are several Star Bits on its underside and a Launch Star on the top of it will take Mario to the Kingfin Planet.

Kingfin's Planet[edit]

Mario in the planet

When Mario lands on this planet, Kingfin will appear along with Skeletal Fish Guards and attack Mario. After Kingfin is defeated, the Power Star appears.



This galaxy contains only the following mission.

Level Image Summary
Kingfin's Fearsome Waters Kingfin This mission's objective is to defeat Kingfin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカルシャークギャラクシー
Sukaru Shāku Gyarakushī
Skull Shark Galaxy
Chinese 尸骨鲨银河
Shīgǔ shā yínhé
Corpse Shark Galaxy
French Requin squelette Skeleton shark
German Schädelhai-Galaxie Skull Shark Galaxy
Italian Galassia di Re Skelopesce Kingfin's Galaxy
Korean 샤크 갤럭시
Syakeu Galleoksi
Shark Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de Calavera de Tiburón Shark Skull Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Tiburón Calavera Skull Shark Galaxy


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  • The Bonefin Galaxy is the only bonus galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy in which Mario must fight a boss.
  • The Bonefin Galaxy is the only galaxy within a dome that must have a mission from outside of the domes to unlock.
  • This galaxy features the exact same background as the Ghostly Galaxy and the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy, and uses the same music as Bouldergeist.
  • For unknown reasons, the Starshroom at the beginning of the level is empty, and no Toads are found in this galaxy.
  • This galaxy has the highest Power Star requirement for all dome-based galaxies, requiring 55. Melty Molten Galaxy, the last galaxy unlocked in the Garden, only requires 52.