Hot and Cold Collide

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Hot and Cold Collide
SMG Hot and Cold Collide.png
Location Freezeflame Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Hot and Cold Collide is the third mission of the Freezeflame Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to cross planets mixed with fire and ice themes.


The player starts on the ice ring planet, though this time there are several meteors placed around it. Moving down the ice path and avoiding the incoming fireballs, the player will reach a large crystal containing a Launch Star that will take the player to a sphere-shaped planet with an ice theme on one half and a lava theme on the other half; the player is launched to the ice theme first. The ice theme has many Urchins and freezing water that rises and lowers. On the opposite side of the area from where the player starts is a large wall with arrows on it; spinning on the wheel nearby will lower it and allow the player to reach the lava themed area.

The lava themed area has lava that rises and lowers, covering portions of the stone pathways. Moving down the path, the player will find Ground Urchins and a wheel on a lower platform. Spinning while on the wheel will lower a gate, revealing a Fire Flower. While under the effects of the Fire Flower, the player needs to make their way back to the start of the ice area and light the two torches there, which will create a Launch Star.

The Launch Star will take the player to a series of lava and ice platforms, alongside a few large Black Holes. By using Ice Flowers, the player can create platforms of their own over the lava and skate across. At the ends of the first and second paths, the gravity will flip when the player jumps. The second path consists of both moving lava and ice platforms, whereas the third path is made up entirely of lava platforms. At the end of the third path is the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 極寒ごっかん灼熱しゃくねつ狭間はざま
Gokkan to shakunetsu no hazamade
Between Extreme Cold and Scorching Heat
Chinese 在冰寒与灼热的夹缝中
Zài bīnghán yǔ zhuórè de jiáfèng zhōng
Between Ice-Cold and Burning-Hot
French (NOA) Morsure du Froid, Brûlure du Feu Bite of the Ice, Burning of the Fire
French (NOE) Morsure du froid, brûlure du feu Bite of the ice, burning of the fire
German Zwischen eiskalt und glutheiß Between ice cold and burning hot
Italian Freddo Gelido e Caldo Insopportabile Freezing Cold and Insufferable Heat
Korean 혹한의 추위와 찜통 더위 사이
Hokanui chuwiwa jjimtong deowi sai
Between Extreme Chill and Steam-like Heat
Spanish Frío extremo y calor sofocante Extreme cold and sweltering heat