Going after Guppy

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Going after Guppy
Going after Guppy
Location Sea Slide Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Going after Guppy is the first mission of the Sea Slide Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to chase after Guppy.


According to the penguins, someone named Guppy has been causing trouble around the Sea Slide Galaxy, preventing the penguins from racing. Ahead of where the player starts is a stone arch, with Guppy waiting beneath it. Approaching Guppy will have him challenge the player to swim through eight rings he leaves behind as he swims along. Guppy will take the player through the entirety of Sea Slide Galaxy's water ring, through different obstacles and hazards. Additionally, there are several Red Shells placed around the seabed that can make swimming easier. Swimming through all eight rings will make Guppy withhold his claim on owning the sea and reward the player with the Power Star. However, failing to swim through all eight rings will cause the player to lose a life.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うみのギャングをえ!
Umi no gyangu o oe!
Chase After the Ocean Gangster!

Chinese 追击海洋黑帮!
Zhuījī hǎiyáng hēibāng!
Chase the Ocean Gang!

French (NOA) À la Poursuite de Guppy
In Pursuit of Guppy
French (NOE) Dans le sillage de Paulo: la boucle océane
In Paulo's wake: the ocean loop (Paulo is the French name for Guppy)
German Jag den Meeresganoven
Hunt the sea crook
Italian Insegui il Brigante Marino!
Chase the Marine Brigand (Marine Brigand is the Italian name for Guppy)
Korean 바다의 불량배를 쫓아내라!
Badaui bullyangbaereul jjochanaera!
Kick Out the Ocean Gang!

Spanish (NOA) Perseguido a la Orca
Persecuted Guppy
Spanish (NOE) Cruzada contra la orca infame
Crusade against the infamous Guppy