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“While sliding down a wall, press A Button to wall-jump! See how high you can get with this technique!”
Board, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario performing a Wall Jump as illustrated in a Super Mario Sunshine manual.

The Wall Jump (also known as the Wall Kick) is a move that several characters can use in various games. The move is activated by jumping at a wall and hitting the jump button again upon colliding with the wall. If done in narrow passages, characters can jump between the walls to ascend to a higher platform or over an obstacle.


Super Mario series[edit]

Mario performing a Wall Jump in Super Mario 64.

In many early games, before the implementation of the actual wall jumping mechanic, maneuvers similar to the wall jump exist as glitches. For example, in Super Mario Bros., if Mario lands on a wall on a 16×16 boundary (so that his foot is on the top corner of a block), the player is able to jump from that point if they have frame-accurate timing. Similar glitches also exist in Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

The Wall Jump itself was first implemented in Super Mario 64. Here, if Mario jumps at a wall, he will bounce off; but if the player presses A Button as soon as Mario hits the wall, he will kick off the wall, jumping higher. The angle of the Wall Jump can also be adjusted, based on the angle Mario jumps at the wall.

In games starting from Super Mario Sunshine onward, characters will slide down the wall, making Wall Jumping easier and the timing of the jump adjustable. This characteristic carries over in the remake of Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, as well and Mario is the only character that can Wall Jump. In Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Luigi is able to use the Wall Jump as well. Also in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Mailtoad mentions that Captain Toad has the ability to Wall Jump as he was able to scale a canyon in pursuit of The Chimp in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy; however, Captain Toad is unable to jump at all in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. In Super Mario 3D World, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and Rosalina are all able to Wall Jump.

Mario performing a Wall Jump in Super Mario 3D Land.

In the New Super Mario Bros. series, Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad are capable of Wall Jumping. In New Super Luigi U, Nabbit is also capable of Wall Jumping. In New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U, the player can perform a Spin Jump while Wall Jumping.

In Super Mario Run, characters can Wall Jump off of the sides of most walls and platforms by tapping the screen when they are holding on to a wall.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Starting in Super Smash Bros. Melee, several characters can wall jump. Wall jumping in Super Smash Bros. works by tilting the control stick in the direction away from the wall when against a wall. Since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, some of these characters are able to wall cling as well, which allows them to indefinitely stick to a wall as long as they hold the control stick in the direction facing the wall. Only six characters are able to wall cling, those being Lucario, Diddy Kong, Squirtle, Greninja, Sheik, and Bayonetta.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat[edit]

The move makes an appearance in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, where Donkey Kong is able to use it. While it operates similarly to its use in other games, the player must be constantly tapping the control stick or hitting the bongo in the direction of the wall to be able to slide down the wall.

Mario Superstar Baseball[edit]

In Mario Superstar Baseball, this move is used as a special fielding ability. Mario, Luigi, Bowser Jr., Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Toadette can use the move in this game. When a character jumps near a wall, they take a great leap off of it, covering distance at a vertical angle. The move is used to catch low home run balls. In Mario Super Sluggers, this special ability is absent, possibly replaced by the Buddy Jump move.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong series[edit]

In Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, Mini Marios can Wall Jump on Wall Jump Bars. In Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge, the Wall Jump is a special ability specific to Mini Mario, which activates automatically whenever it approaches a wall.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カベジャンプ
Kabe janpu
Kabe kikku
Wall Jump

Wall Kick
Spanish (NOA) Rebotar en la Pared
Salto de Muro (New Super Mario Bros. U)
Bounce on the Wall
Wall Jump
Spanish (NOE) Salto Escalada Climbing Jump
French (NOA) Saut au Mur Wall Jump
French (NOE) Saut mural Wall Jump
Dutch Muursprong Wall Jump
German Wandsprung Wall Jump
Portuguese Salto Ricochete Rebound Jump
Russian Прыжок от стены
Pryzhok ot steny
Jump on walls
Korean 벽차기
Wall Kick