Wonder Bowser Jr.

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Wonder Bowser Jr.
Artwork of Wonder Bowser Jr. from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Applies to Bowser Jr.
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
“I'm gonna do some wild stuff with Wonder power, so you should be extra scared!”
Bowser Jr., Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Wonder Bowser Jr.[1] is a form of Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Bowser Jr. can obtain this form from the Wonder power in palaces. Wonder Bowser Jr. is dark blue in color, with green flame-like hair and bright green spikes on his purple and orange shell. Additionally, Bowser Jr.'s bandanna is similar to a bear trap in this form, with glowing green edges on it. His color scheme is reminiscent of Dark Bowser.

Mario and his friends fight Wonder Bowser Jr. four times as they journey across the Flower Kingdom, with each time being different. In the first fight, the size changes for Wonder Bowser Jr. and Mario and his friends. In the second fight, the rising and sinking platforms change substances, such as ice and jelly. The third fight has water that fills the screen partway, with bubbles of water bouncing around the room, and the last fight has Wonder Bowser Jr. creating fake clones of himself, similar to Ludwig in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Wonder Bowser Jr. also appears at the beginning of the final level, The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage, where he tries to stop Mario and his friends with a big Wonder, but fails after being punched by a giant fist.


  • Trading card bio: Bowser Jr. uses his dad's Wonder power to try to stop Mario and friends from saving the Flower Kingdom.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンダー クッパJr.
Wondā Kuppa Junia
Wonder Bowser Jr.