The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage

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The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage
The battle with Castle Bowser in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★★★
Wonder Effect Combination of past Wonder Effects
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“And now it's time for the epic–yes, the EPICWonder I've been preparing! Feast your eyes on... BOWSER'S RAGE STAGE!”
Castle Bowser, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage is the last level in Petal Isles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after beating KnuckleFest Bowser's Blazing Beats and rewards a Royal Seed upon completion. It has a difficulty of five stars, making it the only level not in the Special World with this difficulty rating, and features no Wonder Seeds.


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The level starts with the player being confronted by Wonder Bowser Jr., who uses the Wonder power to activate Wonder Effects, only to be knocked out. After avoiding the giant fiery fists, the Wonder summons two Big Goombas. The backgrounds tilts left with a Giant Spiked Ball rolling towards the player. It then turns into a fossil wheel and tilts to the right and left again, before turning into an Ancient Dragon. Afterward, Pole Blocks extend while Anglefish fly horizontally at the top. The background turns dark, only for a Bowser Statue to block the way, which is then is destroyed by a horde of Bulrushes. Piranha Plants start to sing, and a pipe moves down with a Spike who also sings. A Moving Door sings with chandeliers shifting up and down, then King Boo appears and sings along. After the chase, the player starts floating with some pipes, and two Inchworm Pipes travel across hazardous ooze. Upon arrival, the player must jump once the platform activates to the beat to reach the final boss.



Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Oh hey! It's you."
  • "Hanging in there?"
  • "You've really come a long way."
  • "Chaaaaarge!"
  • "One! Two! Three! Jump!"
  • "You're gonna be amazing."
  • "And we all lived happily ever after. Come back again sometime, yeah?" (after-credits scene)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最後さいごたたかい!ワガハイ・オン・ステージ
Saigo no Tatakai! Wagahai on Sutēji
Final Battle! Me on Stage
"Wagahai" is the pronoun Bowser uses to refer to himself in the Japanese versions of the games.
Chinese (Simplified) 最后之战!本王重磅登场
Zuìhòu zhī Zhàn! Běnwáng Zhòngbàngdēngchǎng
The Final Battle! I, the King, am Coming on Stage
Chinese (Traditional) 最後之戰!本大爺重磅登場
Zuìhòu zhī zhàn! Běndàyé Zhòngbàngdēngchǎng
The Final Battle! I am Coming on Stage
French Furie finale de Bowser Bowser's final fury
May be a reference to Bowser's Fury.
German Der letzte Kampf! Bowsers Finale The Final Battle! Bowser's Finale
Italian Lo scontro finale! Bowser sul palco The final showdown! Bowser on stage
Korean 마지막 싸움! 쿠파 온 더 스테이지
Majimag ssaum! Kupa on deo seuteiji
Final Battle! Bowser on the Stage
Portuguese (NOA) Batalha final: Show de Bowser! Lit. "Final Battle: Bowser's Show!"
"Show de Bowser" can be a pun on the slang "show de bola" (awesome)
Portuguese (NOE) Batalha final! Bowser ao vivo Final Battle! Bowser Live
Spanish ¡Batalla final! Bowser en concierto Final Battle! Bowser Live


  • Bowser's dialogue before the final battle will vary slightly if certain conditions are met:
    • If the player chooses Peach for the level, his dialogue is changed to be, "Thank you all for coming. Especially you... MY BELOVED!", and Peach will react in shock.
    • If the player meets Bowser with the Invisibility badge, Bowser will laugh at the player and say, "Did you really think that badge would fool me?! I see you!", with the rest of dialogue proceeding normally.