Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility I

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Expert Badge Challenge
Invisibility I
The Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility I level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Sunbaked Desert
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★
Primary power-up Super Mushroom
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Badge Challenge! Invisibility Disappear from sight, making it impossible for enemies to spot you.”
Opening message, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility I is an Expert Badge Challenge course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is found in the Sunbaked Desert, and is unlocked after clearing Flight of the Bloomps. This course is designed around the abilities of the Invisibility Badge. This course has jars throughout it that the players can use to easily tell where they are. Completion of this course unlocks Sunbaked Desert Special Pole Block Allure in the Special World. The difficulty of this course is three stars, and it houses one Wonder Seed.


The players start an area in from of a wall. Because of this, their silhouettes can be seen, making it easy to keep track of the characters. Because the players start out small and Brick Blocks block their way, they must strike a nearby ? Block to get Super Mushrooms to become strong enough to break the Brick Blocks. The first Checkpoint Flag can then be seen, but a Bulrush is in the way. Because the players are invisible, the Bulrush will not be able to see them, but will charge if jumped on or struck with a jar.

From the first Checkpoint Flag onward, there is no wall in the background, making it difficult to tell where the players are. From here to the second Checkpoint flag are gaps that the must jump across, as well two more Bulrushes. The second Bulrush can help get the players to the second Checkpoint Flag more easily because it can rush across the spaces between the solid platforms and break the Brick Blocks along the way.

Beyond the second Checkpoint Flag are rows of Marimba Blocks floating above more pits, as well as two more Bulrushes. The Goal Pole is found after the fifth Bulrush; the players can use this Bulrush to reach to the top of the Goal Pole. There are blocks above the Bulrush though, and so the players must throw a jar at it to get it to charge towards the Goal Pole and jump off a ramp for extra height.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found above the first Bulrush in the course, right before the first Checkpoint Flag.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found past the first Checkpont Flag, in between Brick Blocks close to the second Bulrush. The players will need the Bulrush to break the Brick Blocks in order to gain access to the coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found past the second Checkpoint flag, below the fourth Bulrush, guarded by Brick Blocks. The players will need help from the nearby Bulrush to break the Brick Blocks in order to clear the way to the coin.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 透明とうめいLv.レベル1
Tōmei Reberu 1
Transparent Level 1

Dutch Onzichtbaarheid 1
Invisibility 1
French Invisibilité 1
Invisibility 1
German Unsichtbarkeit 1
Invisibility 1