Secrets of Shova Mansion

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Secrets of Shova Mansion
An indoor level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Sunbaked Desert
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Primary power-up Elephant Fruit
Wonder Effect A wonder-powered Shova starts pushing a Bowser Statue towards the player
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Secrets of Shova Mansion is a course in Sunbaked Desert in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after clearing The Desert Mystery or Valley Fulla Snootles, and paying a Poplin 50 flower coins to fix the bridge. It has a secret exit that leads to Flight of the Bloomps. This course houses three Wonder Seeds, and has a difficulty of two stars.


The course starts with a Warp Door to the right, leading to a room with a pushable block. The rest of the room features more pushable blocks, a Shova and some Wavy Blocks with Lil Sparkies on them. There is a Wow Bud to the right that reveals a ? Block containing an Elephant Fruit. By moving a pushable block to the left, the player can enter a Warp Door that takes them to a room with a Warp Door on the right that is hard to see because of the pushable block in the foreground. By moving a pushable block to the left, a pipe is revealed, taking them to the foreground so that they can move the block. The door takes the player to the Checkpoint Flag with two ? Blocks to the right that have Lil Sparkies on them, with the left one containing an Elephant Fruit. There is a Hidden Character Block in between the blocks that only Yellow Yoshi can see, containing a flower coin.

To the right is some pushable blocks along with a Warp Door that takes the player to a room with more pushable blocks, Wavy Blocks, and Hotheads. Two of the pushable blocks have a Warp Door half on them, and when these blocks are put together, the player can enter it, taking them outside the mansion. There is a Shova and a tall pushable block, followed by two pushable blocks that can help the player reach the Goal Pole.

Wonder Flower[edit]

To get to the Wonder Flower, the player needs to push the pushable blocks after the Checkpoint Flag to the bottom. This summons a Warp Door that leads of a room with the Wonder Flower within reach. A wonder-powered Shova and some more Shovas start appearing in the foreground, where a pushable block reveals a Bowser Statue. The wonder-powered Shova then starts trying to crush the player with it, just as two blocks are raised. There is a Wow Bud to the right of the room that releases a Super Mushroom. After pushing the pushable wall on the right, the player encounters more pushable walls and blocks, as well as some yellow pipes, Hotheads, Shovas and Lil Sparkies. Then there are three pushable walls that reveal the course's Wonder Seed as they are pushed. After pushing all the walls, the player can reach the Wonder Seed. Collecting it ends the effect and sends the player back to where the they came from, but the Warp Door has disappeared.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found to the right of a pushable block in the first room with pushable blocks.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found above the Warp Door on the right after the checkpoint, which has a Shova in the way. It can be reached by wall-jumping on the wall on the right.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found in the room with the Hotheads. There is a pushable block on the left that leads to a room containing it.

Hidden goal[edit]

The hidden goal is found near the end of the level, and the player must break the Brick Blocks and push the pushable block below them to reveal a pipe, taking them to the foreground. There is another yellow pipe with a platform on the right that has two flower coins on it. The pipe takes the player to the Goal Pole with some blocks and a Shova to the left of it.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Puuuush!" (found near the first pushable block)
  • "I've been summoned!" (after pushing all the blocks to the bottom after the checkpoint)
    • "See ya later!" (second time onwards)
    • "Hi, again!" (after the Wonder Effect ended)
    • "Bet you worked up a sweat."
  • "That wall just...moved!" (found after the first pushable wall during the Wonder Effect)
    • "Heeeey!" (if the player waits before they move the first pushable wall)
    • "Is someone there?"
    • "I know you're there!"
    • "This way!"
    • "Come this way!"
  • "What muscles!" (found after the third pushable wall during the Wonder Effect)
  • "You got this!" (found near the blocks with the three Shovas during the Wonder Effect)
  • "Ya found me!" (found near the third 10-flower coin)
  • "Heeeey!" (found after the main Goal Pole as the player is in the foreground)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese してなぞきオシダシーハウス
Oshite nazo toki Oshidashī hausu
Push to solve riddles, Shova house

French Poussée chez les Poussumos
Push at the Shovas' house
German Geheimgänge im Schiebemax-Haus
Secret paths in Shova house
Spanish La mansión de los Empujapums
The Shova Mansion