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Flower coin
Artwork of a flower coin from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Flower coins are purple collectible items that appear exclusively in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are a special type of coin native to the Flower Kingdom and are an alternative to regular coins in a similar fashion to regional coins from Super Mario Odyssey. Like coins, flower coins can be found throughout courses, and add to their own individual counter when collected. The player can hold up to 999 flower coins.a

During many Wonder Effects, smaller variants of flower coins appear, each worth one-tenth of a regular flower coin and incrementing the flower coin counter by 0.1 when collected. In Condarts Away!, when the Wonder Effect is active, these smaller coins will attempt to run away when characters get too close; they flip to reveal a pair of eyes and squirm away slowly. These coins usually disappear when a Wonder Seed is collected and the Wonder Effect ends. The flower coin counter then becomes an integer again, truncating the decimal part.

Three 10-flower coins, worth ten normal flower coins each, appear in most levels. If the same coin is collected again during a replay of a level, it will instead grant three flower coins. If the player gets a Game Over, they lose 25% of their flower coins as a penalty (but no more than 50 flower coins total).

Flower coins can be spent in Poplin Shops, allowing the player to purchase 1-Up Mushrooms, badges, standees and Wonder Seeds. Additionally, some Poplins require flower coins to build bridges and destroy rocks on the world map.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワーコイン
Furawā koin
Flower coin
Chinese (Simplified) 花花金币
Huāhuā jīnbì
Flower coin
Dutch Bloemenmunten Flower coin
French Pièce fleur Flower coin
German Blumenmünze Flower coin
Italian Moneta fiore Flower coin
Korean 플라워코인
Peullawo koin
Flower coin
Portuguese Moeda flor Flower coin
Russian Цветочные монета
Tsvetochnyye moneta
Flower coin
Spanish Moneda flor Flower coin


a - When a Wonder Effect is active, the counter can go as high as 999.9, dropping back down to 999 when the effect ends.