Pink Coin (Super Mario Run)

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This article is about the Pink Coins in Super Mario Run. For information about the Pink Coins in Super Mario Maker, see Pink Coin (Super Mario Maker).
Pink Coin
Pink Challenge Coin.png
A pink coin with an image of a Super Star.

First Appearance

Super Mario Run (2016)

Pink Coins are Challenge Coins appearing in Super Mario Run. They are the very first set of Challenge Coins that the player can collect, and there are five in each level. Additionally, they are placed in areas that are usually easy to obtain, within the player's reach. If the player collects all five Pink Coins in a level, Purple Coins are unlocked in said level. Each Pink Coin is worth ten coins. Collecting all of the Pink Coins in the game unlocks the Pink Coin Pipe, which takes the player to the secret level, Chase the Snaking Coins.