Big Spiny

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Big Spiny
PMCS Big Spiny.png
First Appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Run (2016)
Species Origin Spiny

Big Spinies are larger variants of Spinies that first appear in Mario Party 9. The only minigame they appear in is Sock it to Lakitu, when Lakitu's health is dropped by half. Lakitu will start throwing Big Spinies, they act the same way as normal Spinies in the boss fight except that if the player gets hit by a Big Spiny, they will lose two points.

They reappear in Super Mario Maker if the player enlarges a normal Spiny. Wings can be added to them to enable flight. Every few seconds, flying Spinies will hide in their shells and shoot four spikes in a diagonal path.

A single Big Spiny appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash as a mini boss in Kiwano Temple, where it guards a Mini Paint Star. In battle, it can charge up its attacks and fly at Mario to do damage. Swoops can assist the Big Spiny in battle.

Big Spinies are also found in the iOS game Super Mario Run, first appearing in World 3-1: Big Spiny Blitz.


Paper Mario: Color Splash Enemy
Big Spiny
PMCS Big Spiny.png HP 90 Type Spiny, Shelled ?
Attack 16 Strong
Defense 1 Weak
Moves Paint
Location(s) Kiwano Temple
Quotes N/A


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Gran Picudo Big Spiny
Spanish (NOE) Gran Pinchón Big Spiny