Petea Piranha

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Not to be confused with Petey Piranha or Peewee Piranha.
Petea Piranha
PMCS Petea.png
Petea Piranha in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Piranha Plant
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“GLORGOK GLEP GLEP GLOP! (Can't you see I'm poisoning here?!)”
Petea Piranha, Paper Mario: Color Splash
Petea Piranha folded up like a teabag.

Petea Piranha is a minor boss fought in Plum Park of Paper Mario: Color Splash. He first emerges folded up like a teabag when Mario and Huey attempt to squeeze the Teapot, engaging the two in a boss battle. According to the game's digital instruction manual, the two Snifits who were having tea in Plum Park originally stuffed Petea Piranha, in place of a teabag, into the teapot, which they stole from Dark Bloo Inn. He is also the one responsible for poisoning the water in Plum Park.

He resembles Petey Piranha, with his internal filenames confirming that he is based on Petey, since he is referred to with the BPK and B_PKF abbreviations in the game code,[1] with the script controlling his behavior in battle also having the BossPakkun string, all of which reference Petey Piranha's Japanese name, Boss Pakkun (ボスパックン). Despite this, his complete internal name is instead Tea Pakkun (ティーパックン),[1] which is also his actual name in the Japanese version.[2] The French and Italian localizations maintain this distinction, with the latter using a direct translation of the Japanese name and even using different gibberish language for him mainly based on various spellings of tea in Italian.[3] In terms of appearance, the sprite used for Petea Piranha is nearly identical to Petey Piranha, but the 3D model features a small paper teabag label attached to the head.

Petea Piranha is briefly mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by Viridi during the Palutena's Guidance dialogue for Piranha Plant.


Mario fighting Petea Piranha.
Color Splash Enemy
Petea Piranha
PMCS Petea Piranha Idle Animated.gif
Location(s) Plum Park
Type Spiny
HP 320
Strong Jump
Weak None
Moves Bite Attack (13). Hip Attack (33), Rot Attack (24), Discharge Attack (13), Eat Attack (25)
Enemy Class ENEMY_RANDAM_1_5
Card Probability 0



Flipped: "Gagaaaaa..." ~ "Geeegeeeee..."

Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 50
Red Paint 40
Yellow Paint 40
Blue Paint 0
Orange Paint 0
Green Paint 40
Purple Paint 0

During the fight, Petea Piranha is able to use several moves against the player: he can directly bite them, dealing 13 HP of damage, he can fly above them and then fall on them, dealing 33 HP of damage or he can attack the player while spinning, dealing 24 HP of damage. He also has the ability to eat non-boss enemies summoned by the player through Enemy Cards and spit them at the player, dealing 13 HP of damage and then having them fight for Petea Piranha. If the player attempts to jump on Petea Piranha, the latter will counter the attack by swallowing the player, dealing 25 damage in the process. However, after the spinning attack, he's stunned and he can miss his attacks, while also being susceptible to be hit with jump or hammer attacks to make him fall down, leaving him unable to move and vulnerable to jump attacks until he gets up again. He also falls down when using the Lemon Thing Card or the Lemon Replica cards. When he's down and a Koopaling Card is used, he will still be able to get up and escape from the Koopaling, but when he'll get back he will be confused, meaning that again his attacks will likely miss and a jump or hammer attack will make him fall on the ground again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ティーパックン
Tī Pakkun
Tea Piranha
Spanish (NOA) Pepité piraña Petea Piranha (same pun as English version, but using the NOA Spanish name Pepito)
Spanish (NOE) Té de Floro Piraña Floral Tea Piranha (pun on Floro Piraña, Petey Piranha's NOE Spanish name, and té de flores, floral tea)
French (NOA) Pethé Piranha Petea Piranha
French (NOE) Planthé Piranha Piranha Plantea (portmanteau of plante, plant, and thé, tea)
Dutch Petea Piranha -
German Mutant-Teeranha Mutant Tearanha (portmanteau of Tee, tea, and Mutant-Tyranha, Petey Piranha's German name)
Italian Pianta Piranha da tè Tea Piranha Plant
Portuguese (NOE) Petey Piranha Chá Tea Petey Piranha
Russian пиранья Пакети
piran'ya Paketi
Packet Piranha (pun on piran'ya Peti, Russian name of Petey Piranha, and a "packet" of tea)


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