Paint Guy

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Paint Guy
PMCS Red Paint Guy Art.png
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
Variant of Shy Guy
Clip Guy
Slurp Guy

Paint Guys are a type of Shy Guy that appears in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Paint Guys are Shy Guys that carry a can of yellow paint into battle and are usually accompanied by Shy Guys, Snifits, Clip Guys, and Ninjis. If the Paint Guy still has a paint can over its head, it will attempt to push Mario and try to cover the screen with yellow paint. Rapidly pressing the A Button button or repeatedly touching the touch screen is the only way to prevent this from happening. If the player does not do it in enough time, the Paint Guy will cover up important things like the health bars (both the enemies' and Mario's) and Mario's attacks. If the Paint Guy fails to do so, the Paint Guy will go back to its position with its can of paint above its head. However, after each attempt, the speed at which the Paint Guy pushes Mario increases. Once a Paint Guy loses its paint can, it will attack like a normal Shy Guy.

Paint Guys are never seen outside battle, so in order to fight them, Mario would need to go in battle with a Snifit, a Ninji, a Shy Guy or a Piranha Plant.

Paint Guys reappear in Paper Mario: Color Splash as an enemy and appear in different colors, corresponding with the red, blue, and yellow paint Mario uses, though only red ones are fightable. In this game, they attack by smacking Mario with their paint cans. This time around, they can be seen outside battle, unlike in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Paint Guys carry the stolen paint from colorless spots. They first appear in Ruddy Road. One of them had stolen the paint from the Red Mini Paint Star and Mario has to follow him to recover the paint. Many Paint Guys appear in Black Bowser's Castle, riding on a conveyor belt and dumping paint into a larger bucket. Some assist Roy Koopa in battle by dumping Mario's paint in his Bill Blaster.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Enemy
Paint Guy
Paint Guy PMSS.png Max HP 12 Location(s) Leaflitter Path, The Bafflewood, Loop Loop River
Attack 3 Moves Paint Spill (covers screen), Flail (3)
Defense 0 Stickers N/A
Paper Mario: Color Splash Enemy
Paint Guy
PMCS Paint Guy Idle Animated.gif HP 16 Type Normal 2 PMCS Red Shy Guy Card.png
Strong None Weak None
Moves Attack (6), Group Attack (6), Blowback Attack (16)
Location(s) Ruddy Road, Black Bowser's Castle
Quotes Ruddy Road: "The dancing was our downfall..." ~ "I slurped this fair and square!" ~ "Keep your mitts off my paint!" ~ "How'd you find us?!"
Black Bowser's Castle: "Man, I'm tired of red paint." ~ "Wish I could visit Port Prisma..." ~ "This is my 43rd loop today." ~ "I'm on paint detail all week."
Enemy Class
Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 2 Red Paint 48 Yellow Paint 0 Blue Paint 5 Orange Paint 0 Green Paint 0 Purple Paint 0


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペンキヘイホー
Penki heihō
Paint Shy Guy
Spanish (NOA) Guy Pintor Painter Guy
Spanish (NOE) Artistiguy Artist Guy
French (NOA) Maskache peintre Maskache, Shy Guy's French NOA name, and Painter
French (NOE) Mass'artiss Maskass, Shy Guy's French NOE name, and Artist
Dutch Paint Guy -
German Farb Guy Paint Guy
Italian Tipo Vernice Paint Guy
Russian Красконосец
From Краска (Paint) and suffix -носец (Suffix for carrying)
Chinese 油漆嘿呵 (Traditional)
油漆嘿虎 (Simplified)
Yóuqī Hēihē
Yóuqī Hēihǔ
Paint Shy Guy