The Bafflewood

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The Bafflewood
The Bafflewood
Mario taking one of the numerous paths of the maze.
Level code W3-2
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Wiggler Segment
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“Be Careful In There”
Sign, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Bafflewood is the second level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Mario is required to take a specific path to successfully navigate a maze leading to a Comet Piece. Near each path is a signboard that Mario can place stickers on. Taking a wrong path will send Mario back to the beginning.

Collecting the Comet Piece at the end opens the path to W3-3, Wiggler's Tree House, on the world map.


There is a path which leads into the maze. In the first area of the maze, there are a Recovery Block, two Snifits, and a sign that can change its message. The area splits into 2 direction with the path to the right being the correct way as marked by the Jump sticker on the nearby signboard.

In the next area, there is a ? Block that contains a Shiny Line Jump sticker and more enemies. The path splits into 2 directions again with the left path being the correct path. However, both signboard are unmarked.

The next area has some flowers and no enemies. The path splits into 3 directions with the path to the right being the correct way.

The next area features a pool of poison that 2 Snifits are walking in. A ? Block floats above the pool that contains a Burnhammer, Baahammer, and Chillhammer stickers. The path splits into 3 directions with the middle and right path being correct ways forward.

If Mario chooses the middle path, it takes him to a large area with some stickers, some enemies, and 5 paths. The left-most path is the correct way. Going down the path brings Mario to an area with a sign from the Bafflewood Management that congratulates him, a ? Block that contains an Ice Flower, and a hill with a dandelion on top. Continuing forward takes Mario to the Comet Piece.

If Mario chooses the path to the right, it takes him to an empty area with 3 paths that lack signboards. The correct path is the one to the right which is marked by some flowers in a hexagonal formation. The path takes Mario to an area with many stickers.

After Kamek splits Wiggler into segments, one segment hides in the Bafflewood. A Toad stands near the entrance and tells Mario "something yellow and round passed by here". Mario must travel to the alternate path of the Bafflewood to find it in the area with the many stickers. After it spots Mario, it runs into a fence and knocks itself out, revealing a new path. If Mario approaches the segment, it will start a battle. After beating the segment, it will follow Mario. If Mario brings the segment to the area with the dandelion and uses his hammer to release the dandelion puffs, the segment will jump in joy. This unlocks one of Wiggler's diary entries.

Beyond a fence is another area with 2 Piranha Plants that guard ? Blocks. Unlike most other Piranha Plants, they will not chase Mario if he approaches. In the left ? Block are a Shiny Hopslipper, Shiny Iron Jump, and Shiny Line Jump. In the right ? Block are the three variants of the Shell sticker. Continuing forward is an area with bushes that bear fruit. The next area is a dead end that contains a Bowling Ball or Trophy Thing depending on the player's progress.

Before Gooper Blooper is defeated, Poison Bloopers can be seen swimming in the background. Once Mario beats Gooper Blooper, the Poison Bloopers and the pool of poison disappear.

Secret Door[edit]

An outline of a Secret Door is found in the area with the three paths with no signposts. Inside is the Violin.

Sticker upgrade spots[edit]

  • 1-4. In the area with 5 branching paths, there is one spot above each hexagonal formation of flowers that can be bloomed by the hammer.
  • 5. In the area with the Secret Door, above the hexagonal formation of flowers that can be bloomed by the hammer.



Area tattles[edit]

  • "We're not walking the right way? You can't be serious. In case I haven't told you, I hate getting lost." (NA)
  • "We're not walking the right way? You can't be serious! In case I haven't told you, I hate getting lost." (EU)


  • For the time being, we should probably go and check Wiggler's house for clues. We HAVE to get through the Bafflewood.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マヨエルの森
Mayoeru no Mori
Forest of the Lost
Chinese 迷途森林
Mítú Sēnlín
Forest of way-losing
French (NOA) La forêt déroutante The baffling forest
French (NOE) Futaie confuse Confused timberland
German Wirrwald Pun on wirrwarr (complex) and wald (woods)
Italian Bosconfuso Portmanteau of bosco (forest) and "confuso" (confused)
Spanish (NOA) Bosque Valladar Blocker Woods
Spanish (NOE) Bosques Traviados Portmanteau of bosques (woods) and extraviados (lost)


  • The sign at the entrance of the Bafflewood states, "Be Careful Not to Become That Guy Who Got Baffled [...] Times". The "[...]" represents a number that increases by one each time the player is "baffled". However, if the player gets baffled 100 times, the [...] is replaced with "Any More".
  • If Mario sticks an oversized Thing or sticker onto a sign, the sign will snap. This trick can be helpful to remove fake paths.