Strike Lake

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Strike Lake
Mario accompained by a Wiggler Segment
Level code W3-4
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Strike Lake is the fourth level of the third world in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. One of the Wiggler Segments flees to this area and must be caught.


Mario starts in a straight pathway through the forest with small poison pools on the ground, and a Snifit. This pathway takes Mario to a more open area with a few trees, a ? Block and a Ninji. There are many Ninjis hiding in the trees and the Wiggler Segment of this level can be seen hiding in one of the trees, and Mario must hit the tree with his hammer to drop the Wiggler Segment, causing it to run away. Progressing through the level, Mario reaches an area with a huge tree trunk blocking the way. Because of this, Mario must jump on the leaves floating in a poison pool to get around the tree trunk. In the other side of the trunk, Mario finds a few trees with stickers on them, as well as a Heart Block. The Wiggler Segment is hiding on the rightmost tree, and Mario must hit this tree with the hammer to reveal the segment, who proceeds to run away again. By following the segment, Mario ends up in an open area with a few plains with fences, and the Comet Piece in the one of the plains. Mario eventually finds the Wiggler Segment hiding in one of the bushes, but the segment runs away and hides in a bush near the starting area. Mario must follow the segment, and hit the bush with his hammer to reveal the segment, who joins Mario. He can now collect the Comet Piece at the end of the level to complete it.

The Ninjis in the trees can be told apart because the trees are shaking. If Mario hits the tree a few times with a Ninji hiding in it, the ninji will fall down and Mario can battle Ninjis to get extra coins.

Secret Exit[edit]

In the second area of the level, there is a secret passage to the left of the ? Block near the trees. Mario must take this passage, which leads him to a long, flat plain with giant wooden pillars at the end. Here, Mario must use the Paperize ability to place the Bowling Ball sticker on the tree stump. After that, the Bowling Ball takes the wooden pillars down, giving Mario access to the secret Comet Piece. However, if a Wiggler Segment is following Mario when he uses the Bowling Ball, it will deflect the Bowling Ball away from the pillars, preventing access to the secret exit until the segment is returned to Wiggler's Tree House.

Secret Door[edit]

The outline of a Secret Door can be found in the area with the Comet Piece, and contains the Drum.

Sticker upgrade spot[edit]

In the second map, to the east of the poison pond. Once the poison is cleared a hexagonal formation of flowers that can be bloomed by the hammer will be visible.

Area Tattle[edit]

  • Even the idea of a poison lake makes me feel ill. We need to do something about that poison. Fast.
  • This is how the forest SHOULD be: quiet, green, and fragrant. (after the purple Royal Sticker is obtained)


  • Wiggler's segment must still be somewhere around Strike Lake.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストライ湖
Pun on「ストライク」(sutoraiku, strike) and「湖」(ko, lake)
Chinese (Simplified) 全中湖
Quánzhòng Hú
All-striked Lake
Chinese (Traditional) 全倒湖
Quándǎo Hú
All-striked Lake
French (NOA) Lac L'abat Strike Lake
French (NOE) Bois Maboul Weirdo Wood (pun with "Boule", for bowling ball)
German Bowlichtung Bowl-glade (pun on "bowling")
Italian Lago Strike Strike Lake
Spanish Lago Bolos Bowling Lake