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This article is about the Big Boo species. For the Big Boos in the Paper Mario games, see Big Boo (Paper Mario series). For the Big Boo boss from Super Mario World, see Big Boo (boss). For Boos from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, known as "The Big Boo", see Boo § Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Big Boo
Big Boo NSMB2 Prima.jpg
First Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Latest Appearance Mario Sports Superstars (2017)
Parent Species Boo
Derived Species
Big Boo (Paper Mario series)
Mad Big Boo
Big Frame Boo
Notable Members
Big Boo
Bigger Boo

“I may not be the king, but I sure am BIG. Big enough to crush you!”
Big Boo, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Big Boos are a species of Boo. Usually, they resemble and behave similarly to normal Boos, except that they are larger.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]

The Big Boo.

The Big Boos (or The Big "Boo") first appear in Super Mario World. In the game, Big Boos inhabit the various Ghost Houses located around Dinosaur Land. They are over three times bigger than a normal Boo, but still have the same mannerisms of their smaller counterparts, meaning that when looked at, they will fade and hide behind its arms, occasionally peeking to see if they are still being looked at. However, if Mario or Luigi's back is turned, a Big Boo will attack them from behind.

In the game, Big Boos are much more difficult to pass than their smaller brethren. As such, Mario or Luigi usually have to use a trampoline to jump over these massive ghosts. However, if Mario or Luigi can get a running start, they can usually Spin Jump over a Big Boo. Additionally, if there is room, the brothers can use a cape to fly over a Big Boo or perform a sliding Cape Attack during descent to actually destroy the Big Boo. Additionally, a translucent white one also called "The Big Boo" is a hidden boss of the Secret Donut Plains Ghost House. He can be defeated by throwing Grab Blocks at his face. Two normal Boos accompany him in battle.

Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

A Big Boo from Super Mario 64.

“Ghosts...don't...die! Heh heh heh! Can you get out of here......alive?”
Big Boo, Super Mario 64

Big Boos return in the game Super Mario 64. Again, a Big Boo disappears when looked at, and become visible again when Mario turns away. They have a high pitch laugh like a normal Boo, but make the same low pitch grunt as a Thwomp does (changed to the sound made when a platform drops in the DS remake) when hit. If these Boos attack Mario, he loses three bars of health.

Big Boos can only be attacked when visible, so Mario has to attack these massive ghosts by either Ground Pounding them from above or punching them from the side. There is one Big Boo in the courtyard. This one is larger than the others. If Mario kills this one, it will drop a cage, leading to Big Boo's Haunt. In this course, Mario can fight three Big Boos. These Big Boos take three hits to defeat, becoming smaller after each hit. However, if the player leaves the area before completely defeating a Big Boo, the Big Boo's health will reset. After destroying a Big Boo, Mario will receive a Power Star.

In the Japanese version, the giant Boos are known as "Boss Boo" rather than their usual Japanese name "Atomic Boo". The giant Boo that appears when all the ghost house Boos are defeated is also known as "Master Boo".

The original version of Super Mario 64 shows his laugh on the mission Go on a Ghost Hunt as "Ka ha ha ha!" in the text box. In the remake, "Ha ha ha ha!" is written instead.

In the DS remake, Big Boos play the same role as in the original. King Boo makes an appearance, however, while King Boo retains his trademark crown from later appearances and characteristic cackle, he is erroneously referred to as "Big Boo" in English versions.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

Big Boos as they appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
A Big Boo.

Big Boos reappear in the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and act much like they do in Super Mario World. They can only be encountered in Ghost Houses, and are usually seen with many smaller Boos. Unlike regular Boos, a Big Boo will not stop attacking unless every player is facing it, unless there are 4 players, in which case only 3 need to face it.

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

The Big Boo and four smaller Boos in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The model for a Big Boo (as "TeresaChief" in Boo in a Box) exists in Super Mario Galaxy, but is not shown in full size in the final game. Big Boos make their proper appearance in the sequel, using the same model (renamed "TeresaAtomic"). They go under the name Mega Boo[1] or "King Boo"[2].

They follow Mario through a thin hall, not stopping unless they are looked at or the player reaches a Power Star or Launch Star. Big Boos are only found in groups of five, with the Big Boo in the middle being larger than the ones surrounding it. Big Boos are only seen in 'Sneaking Down the Creepy Corridor' in Haunty Halls Galaxy.

Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

These gigantic Boos reappear in Super Mario 3D Land, where they behave similarly to their New Super Mario Bros. Wii counterparts. They appear in a few ghost houses. Sometimes, if Mario is very far away from the Big Boo and looks in the opposite direction, it will float away instead of drifting towards him.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

A Golden Big Boo leaving a trail of coins.

Big Boos appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Appearing in Ghost Houses, Big Boos can be turned golden by hitting them with a gold fireball or passing through a Gold Ring. While in their golden form, they cover their faces and leave a trail of coins behind them for Mario to take. Whenever it covers its face, the Big Boo glows red, while it radiates a dark shadow around it once Mario stops staring at it.

This game introduces a new type of Big Boo known as Boohemoth.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Big Boos reappear on the Nintendo Wii U title New Super Mario Bros. U, once again only appearing in Ghost Houses. Nothing has changed in their behavior, but now if Mario is watching, Big Boos began to sweat.

Super Mario 3D World[edit]

Big Boo in Super Mario 3D World.

Big Boos also appear in Super Mario 3D World with the same behavior of Super Mario 3D Land. Some can be seen outside the windows in Ghost Houses watching the player, but these Big Boos do not do anything special. Big Boos can now be defeated by Light Boxes, leaving coins.

Super Mario World television series[edit]

A Big Boo, with three Boos, from the Super Mario World episode "Ghosts 'R' Us".

Big Boos appeared in two episodes of the Super Mario World animated series. In the episode "Ghosts 'R' Us", Yoshi, while exploring Wizardheimer's Haunted House, encounters a Big Boo and three regular Boos. Terrified of the Boos, Yoshi proceeds to run away in a panic as the four ghosts give chase. After running some time through Wizardheimer's Haunted House and losing the three regular Boos, Yoshi manages to trick the Big Boo into entering a vacant room. With the Big Boo apparently trapped in this room, Yoshi locks the door. Unfortunately, the Big Boo simply phases through the wall and resumes chasing Yoshi. Yoshi eventually escapes his Big Boo tormentor by fleeing into the basement of Wizardheimer's Haunted House.

In Super Mario World's final episode, "Mama Luigi", a Big Boo is seen acting as a guard to Neon Castle. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi easily sneak past this Big Boo guard by using a nearby Warp Tube, which led to the basement of Neon Castle.

Super Mario Adventures[edit]

The Big Boo, trying to sneak up on Mario and Luigi while its smaller brethren distract the plumbers.

An unnamed Big Boo was also featured prominently in the Super Mario Adventures comic by Nintendo Power. After being lured into a Ghost House, Mario and Luigi, after an encounter with several dozen Boos, encounter a Big Boo. Attempting to stare down this Big Boo and the swarm of Boos, Mario and Luigi become exhausted after hours of simply staring at the shy ghosts. Nearly collapsing of exhaustion, Mario spots a door and, dragging Luigi, dashes to it, with the Boos and Big Boos after him. Bursting through the door of the room Mario and Luigi just entered, the Big Boo and his Boo minions are surprised to see Mario dressed as a doctor, with Luigi as his nurse. Acting as a psychiatrist, Mario manages to learn that, as a child, this Big Boo was constantly bullied, which led to its vicious behavior. After hearing this Big Boo's sad tale, Mario gives some helpful words of wisdom and advice. The Big Boo, having become a changed ghost through Mario's therapy, happily leads Mario out of the Ghost House and gratefully thanks him as Mario, Luigi and Yoshi take-off to Bowser's Castle. Another Big Boo was later seen among the attendees to Bowser's wedding to the brainwashed Princess Toadstool.

Yoshi series[edit]

Yoshi's Safari[edit]

The Big Boo appears as the boss of the level Ghost mansion in Yoshi's Safari, Mario must shoot it with the Super Scope as he makes parts of the wall fall down on him. Later the Boo will separate into three smaller Boos. Mario must shoot the one with his tongue out to win.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island / Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3[edit]


In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, they appear in many Towers and Castles. However, in this game, they are only about three times bigger than a normal Boo, unlike in Super Mario World. Like normal Boos, they could only be defeated by looking away from the ghost and bouncing an egg off a wall, hitting the ghost in the face. They release Stars when defeated. Additionally, one of the bosses, Bigger Boo, starts as a normal Big Boo before being transformed by Kamek's magic.

Yoshi's Island DS[edit]

Big Boos re-appear in Yoshi's Island DS, behaving the same way as they did in the original Yoshi's Island. One Boo-like enemy is transformed by Kamek into a boss, named "Hector the Reflector."

Hotel Mario[edit]

HM Big Boo.png

In Hotel Mario, Big Boos, first appearing in Ludwig's Thump Castle Hotel, are powerful enemies, being about one-sixth the size of a hotel floor; Big Boos in this game attacked in a manner similar to the ones of Super Mario World, slowly floating towards Mario or Luigi when they look away, turning transparent when directly looked at.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, one Big Boo has a cameo appearance in this game - It is used in Bowser's Terrorize attack.[3] While there is an enemy called "The Big Boo", it is in fact a misnamed regular Boo.

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party[edit]

A Big Boo appears in Pedal Power, and the player must pedal a bike to start up a light bulb before the Big Boo catches them.

Mario Party 2[edit]

Big Boo's appearance in Mario Party 2.

In Mario Party 2 a Big Boo appears in the Horror Land stage. As a typical Boo, it is able to steal objects from player's rivals, being coins or stars. However, Big Boo will deal for stealing the coins or the stars from all the opponents, while paying to him three times the amount of coins than a normal Boo would do. Characters can ask for him only in night time; in daytime, Big Boo appears as a giant Boo statue. Since Big Boo can only be visited at night after taking a path that requires the Skeleton Key, meeting him will prove to be a difficult and rare opportunity for players, especially during "Lite Play" mode.

Mario Party 4[edit]

In Mario Party 4, Big Boo reappears in the board Boo's Haunted Bash, having the same role as in Mario Party 2. In the game, it appears in an odd blue color. It appears when the two Happening Spaces at the top right of the board are activated three times.

Game & Watch Gallery series[edit]

Big Boo fighting Luigi during a boxing match in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

Big Boo is an opponent in the Boxing game for Game & Watch Gallery 4. He is Luigi's second opponent. However, instead of boxing gloves, Big Boo uses smaller Boos to pummel his opponent.

Luigi's Mansion series[edit]

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Although Big Boos do not appear in the final version of Luigi's Mansion, an early model for King Boo in the game's file resemble a Big Boo. There is also a boss in the game named Boolossus, an enormous Boo made of 15 other Boos.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon[edit]

The Big Boo in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Big Boo is one of the three bosses fought in Treacherous Mansion, the final mansion in the game. Luigi and E. Gadd were tricked by King Boo to come into the miniature train station inside the Train Exhibit, because E. Gadd thought that King Boo was there along with Mario's painting. Ten Boos are inside a mini train display in which they come together to form into Big Boo. The 10 Boos that assemble together are the only ghosts in the game who are not sucked into the Poltergust 5000, as they are trapped in the trains' cages and later placed in the Boo Canister by E. Gadd.

In battle, the Big Boo has three attacks. Its first attack involves it trying to crush Luigi from above. It will attempt to crush Luigi three times in a row. If it misses all three times, it will be momentarily dazed. Its other attack involves hiding halfway in the ground and attempting to charge into Luigi from there. If it misses Luigi and hits the moving train, it will be stunned. However, if it misses Luigi and the train, it will just float back into the arena. When separated into individual Boos, they can ram into Luigi. The third attack happens only if Luigi pulls back on the tongue for too long. The Big Boo will get out of the stun and ram Luigi. This also applies for the Boos.

To defeat Big Boo, Luigi has two different methods of attacking it. The first one involves avoiding Big Boo while it slams into the ground three times before becoming stunned. Luigi has to pull Big Boo's tongue and launch it into the drill of the moving toy train. The other way is to make Big Boo dash slightly in front of the train. When the Big Boo hits the drill on the train, he splits into ten Boos. Luigi must pull their tongues and send them flying towards the carriages of the train. When one of them hits a carriage, that Boo gets imprisoned inside the carriage and will be unable to escape. Once all of Boos have been imprisoned in the carriages, the mission is complete and the Pixelator takes Luigi out of the train display and back to the Bunker. Afterwards, E. Gadd Pixelates the Boos into the Boo Canister.

Mario Pinball Land[edit]

The Big Boo in Mario Pinball Land.

In Mario Pinball Land, Big Boo is one of the four bosses. He appears in the haunted house at the Fun Fair. He has the last Star Key. To defeat him, Mario has to attack him from behind. He has no direct attacks, but instead approaches Mario continuously. If Mario comes into contact with Big Boo from the front, he will temporarily spin out of control as if in a daze.

Super Princess Peach[edit]

The Big Boo from Super Princess Peach.

Big Boos also appear in Super Princess Peach. Unlike normal Boos, they are invincible. However, they can be stunned permanently by leading one to a ray of light, which only appears in World 3-2. When they are stunned, they are harmless and can be used to step on to reach a platform. This game also introduces a new Big Boos sub-species, the Mad Big Boo. A Mad Big Boo is a Big Boo under the Vibe Scepter's power. Like normal Mad Boos, they stay still when Peach turns away from one, and chases after her when she looks at it.

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

In Mario Golf: World Tour, whenever Boo gets an Eagle, Albatross, or Hole-in-One, the animation shows multiple Boos who mix it in to form a Big Boo. The same animation is reused in Mario Sports Superstars.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

Big Boos reappear in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with only a few tweaks from Super Mario 3D World. While they act the same by following a Toad when they aren't being watched, they are far less a threat due to Captain Toad and Toadette headlamp, which can destroy them. To compensate for this, Big Boos generally appear in groups of two or more.

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Big Boos reappear in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. The player can enlarge a normal Boo with a Super Mushroom, transforming it into a Big Boo although being slightly smaller than in other games. The player can also give them wings which make them slightly faster. They can also be put in Clown Cars, Lakitu's Cloud and on tracks.

Notable Big Boos[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アトミック・テレサ / アトミックテレサ
Atomikku Teresa
Biggu Teresa
Oyakata Teresa
Bosu Teresa
Atomic Boo; officially romanised as "Atomic Telesa"

Big Boo (Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Ball)

Master Boo (Mario Party 2)

Boss Boo (Super Mario Ball)
Spanish (NOA) Gran Bú Big Boo
Spanish (NOE) Gran Boo -
French Maxi-Boo
Boo Atomique (Super Princess Peach)
"Atomic Boo"
Dutch Reuze-Boo Giant Boo
German Big Buu
Maxi-Buu (newer games)
Italian Grande Boo
Mega Boo (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Il Re Boo (Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 boss)
Re Boo Blu (Super Mario World)
Mega Boo
King Boo
Blue King Boo
Portuguese Big Boo -
Korean 부끄짱
Sometimes means Boss; "Boo Boss"
(Super Mario 64 DS)
Grand Boo
(Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)
Chinese 强力嘘嘘鬼[7]
Qiánglì Xūxūguǐ
Powerful Shh Ghost


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