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“Enjoy your stay, weary traveler... ♡”
Tinga, Super Paper Mario

Tinga is the innkeeper from Flipside in Super Paper Mario. As said in Tippi's/Tiptron's tattle, she is a hard worker and never lacks a smile on her face, even when The Void is about to engulf all worlds. Her inn used to be her family's mansion, but she has remodeled it into an inn ever since she inherited it. Tinga lets the heroes stay for only five coins a night. Afterwards, when the heroes wake up, their HP is restored to full. Tinga's Flopside counterpart is Inga.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュクラ
Both this and Inga's Japanese name「ハクラ」(Hakura) are derived from「宿泊」(shukuhaku, lodging), with the feminine name ending「~ら」(-ra)
French Méli
German Tinga -
Italian Olga Common name
Spanish Tinga -


  • According to unused Catch Card data, Tinga and Saffron were former classmates.[1]


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