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“Welcome home Master! SecuriMeow missed you!”
SecuriMeow, Super Paper Mario

SecuriMeows are a type of robot employed by Francis. They guard the entrance to two of his private rooms, and when encountered, ask the player several questions, although they all have the same answer: "True", and always refer to Francis's geeky habits. After the questions, however, the player is asked to input a 4-digit password, and if it's wrong (or if the player answers "False" to the questions), the player will fall down a pit. It is almost necessary, however, to fall down at least once, since that quickly leads the heroes to Carrie's prison cell and the sign with the necessary codes. However, Mario can flip to 3D at the first door from the entrance to Fort Francis and get to Carrie's prison cell through the pipe.


  • This is a SecuriMeow. It is programmed to be impervious to computer viruses... Look at those adorable glasses...
  • This is a SecuriMeow. It guards Fort Francis from intruders... But I find it hard to fear something with such adorable glasses...

Related species[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガードニャン
From "guard" and「ニャン」(nyan, meow)
French Chapasspas Pun on "chat" (cat) and "ça passe pas" (you can't pass)
German Miaufpasser Portmanteau of "Miau" (meow) and "Aufpasser" (guard)
Italian Servimiao From "servitore" (servant) and "miao" (meow)
Spanish Securibot