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Meowmaid is a type of cat robot that works for Francis in Super Paper Mario that appears in Fort Francis. They are not enemies to Mario and the other heroes, but rather cats that just hang out in Fort Francis and talk. As their name suggests, Meowmaids are the maids of Francis. There are also large versions of Meowmaids called BigMeows.

They talk a lot about "Starship X-Naut" and about Francis' comic books. Meowmaids and SecuriMeows are the only cats that Francis has that do not attack Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, or Luigi. All of the Meowmaids but one (who even then does not perform harmful actions) mistake the heroes for Francis, calling them "Master" and treating them as such. Each Meowmaid has different responsibilities, evidenced by their Tippi tattle descriptions.


  • That is a Meowmaid. Francis made these robots to do everything for him... He is quite fond of robotic cats...
  • This meowmaid is in charge of keeping track of all game and comic release dates. The earlier model once forgot to report the release of Francis's favorite game...
  • This Meowmaid records all of Francis's favorite shows with the digital Recordomeow... Francis makes it talk in a squeaky voice... A feature that makes him giddy...
  • This Meowmaid stores and catalogues all of Francis's anime shows... It spends its afternoons updating the video database and making new videos... At night, it spends hours moving Francis's old videos to digital form...
  • This Meowmaid orders and organizes all of Francis's video games... It organizes every game in order of how much Francis complained about them...
  • This Meowmaid manages Francis's towering collection of books and comics... It puts a plastic cover on every comic without ever touching the comic itself... It's usually really snarky, but it becomes sweet as a kitten around Francis...

Related species[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メイドニャン
Meido Nyan
Maid Meow
French Chabrille Homophonic pun on "chat" (cat) and "ça brille" (it shines)
German Miaumagd From "Miau" (meow) and "Magd" (maid)
Italian Camemiao From "cameriera" (maid) and "miao" (meow)
Korean 메이드냐옹
Meideu Nyaong
Maid Meow
Spanish Servibot


Heronicus's house in Super Paper Mario
Heronicus's house in Flipside
  • If the player uses Thoreau on a Meowmaid, it will be picked up in the same way as an enemy, but will not be destroyed if it is thrown into something else.
  • A Meowmaid-like relic appears on the shelf in Heronicus's house in Flipside.