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Mario next to Merlon's house.
Mario in front of Howzit's item shop.

Flipside is an interdimensional town in Super Paper Mario, created by the Ancients. Flipside is odd and irregular compared to most places in the Mario series, introducing a whole new style of its own. There is a mirrored version of Flipside called Flopside. The people of Flipside are pixel-like and have bodies made of separate layers. Flipside is the home of some very important characters, including Merlon, Howzit the item shop owner, Saffron the chef, Merluvlee the fortune teller and many more.

Flipside has three different "floors" and two basement ones which can be accessed by elevators interconnected with each other. They are numbered sequentially in the north American version, but in the PAL version, the first floor is known as the "Ground Floor", the second floor becomes the "first floor", and the third floor becomes the "second floor". Almost every structure in Flipside, except a few places and roofs, is whitish or gray with a hint of yellow, and the sky of Flipside is also whitish-yellow, with many geometric cubes and symbols hovering about. There is an area outside of the town of Flipside, simply called the Flipside Outskirts, which seems to be a strange, interdimensional wasteland filled with monsters. Flipside also houses a Pit of 100 Trials, and both Flipside and Flopside are depicted on the walls of the first 25 rooms, paired with Mario's first Pure Heart.

Within Flipside, there exist several structures called Heart Pillars. Mario must place the Pure Hearts that he finds throughout his adventure into these structures to open up a path to the next world and the next Pure Heart. Flipside Tower, located in the middle of the town, controls the flow of dimensional energy to teleport people to other worlds. Heart Pillars and a different Tower are also found in Flopside.

A city hall of Flipside is referenced by the broken-down elevators in the early stages of the game, as well as by the sign warning players of the Pit of 100 Trials. Tippi's tattle of Merlon implies that he may be considered the leader of the town, as she claims that many people living there put their faith in him.


Flipside Tower[edit]

Third Floor (Second Floor in PAL edition)[edit]

Second Floor (First Floor in PAL edition)[edit]


  • Fourth Heart Pillar

First Floor (Ground Floor in PAL edition)[edit]

(After using Boomer to explode the wall)[edit]


  • Second Heart Pillar



  • Third Heart Pillar


Menu description[edit]

  • "This ancient town lies stuck between dimensions. It was built eons ago by an ancient civilization. On the other side of Flipside lies a town called Flopside. The pillars in town were built to hold Pure Hearts. When placed in a pillar, they open doors to other worlds. The town may also hold other mysteries..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハザマタウン
Hazama Taun
In-Between Town
Spanish Villacara Pun on cara (head) from cara o cruz (heads or tails)
French Recto Connotation to the recto side of a leaf of paper
German Flipstadt Fliptown
Italian Svoltadilà Turn that way
Korean 틈새타운
Gap Town