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Not to be confused with Dotty.
Artwork from Super Paper Mario
Species Pixl
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Only heroes who know how to utilize the Pixls properly can travel with them...”
Dottie, Super Paper Mario
Dottie helping Gabbro hide in a place inaccessible to the Floro Sapiens.
Dottie's in-game sprite.

Dottie is the ninth Pixl in the game Super Paper Mario, and one of the twelve original Pixls created by the Ancients. She is the last Pixl that is required to find. She has the ability to shrink the character, making them look almost like a dot, as referenced by her name. This ability is similar to the effects of a Mini Mushroom, and will allow the character to go through small pipes, tiny doors, etc. as well as walk on water. Also, enemies do not notice the tiny character. This ability allows the heroes to enter the Itty Bits shops located in Flipside, Flopside, The Dotwood Tree, Land of the Cragnons and The Overthere.

She is found in the Floro Caverns with Gabbro whom Dottie helped escape from the Floro Sapiens. Dottie used to be partnered with Gabbro, but left him by explaining as soon as Mario, Peach and Bowser enter the room, that she was made to be with the hero. Having told this, she turns Gabbro small and tells him to get out of the caverns to safety, which he does, in a sad mood. Dottie loves meditation and suggests several times to Mario and friends that they meditate together.

Catch Card[edit]

  • Card Type: Rare
  • Card Description: This puny Pixl can micro-size you. Sometimes, less is more! More or less...

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニみ
From "mini" and「美」(-mi, Japanese feminine name ending)

French Minus
German Zippi
Possibly from "zipping"
Italian Micronio
An uncommon given name, which is from "μικρο" (mikro, little)
Korean 미니니
From "mini" and possibly "니" (ni), alternate reading of "너" (neo, you)

Spanish Reducci
A partial pun on "reducir" (to reduce)