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Dupp talking to Mario
“If you use that there Pixl, you can slip through thin cracks and the like! Or you can just vanish and let your enemies walk right on by! Them's the basics!”
Dupp, Super Paper Mario

Dupp is a captive held by Mimi in Merlee's Mansion during Chapter 2-3 of Super Paper Mario.

He is always seen on the topmost floor in the room, before the electrical barrier that guards the safe with 1,000,000 Rubees. He gives hints about how the heroes can pass the electrical barrier, namely by using the "'slenderizing' Pixl", which turns out to be Slim. If the heroes talk to him after paying Mimi's debt, he rejoices over the emancipation of the captives. He will be absent after the chapter is cleared.


  • "This is Dupp... He's one of Mimi's captives here in Merlee's Mansion... He's a thief by profession... He has a good nose for good stuff and where it is... But he must not have a nose for danger if he got nabbed and put in here..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ズナー
Both this and Lock's name「プリー」(Purī) are derived from「プリズナー」(purizunā, prisoner).