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Nolrem, as he appears in Super Paper Mario
Species Flopsider/Shaman
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“I know that what I have just shared with you might only serve to discourage you... I still must send you forth, however. It saddens me that I can do nothing else.”
Nolrem, Super Paper Mario
Merlon and Nolrem in the game Super Paper Mario.
Merlon and Nolrem on Flopside Tower

Nolrem is a supporting character that appears in Super Paper Mario. He is, as his name suggests, the Flopside doppelgänger of Merlon. He strongly resembles his counterpart other than his different colored clothes, sporting a gray cloak and hat over pink robes. Unlike Merlon, he does not need to be visited in his house, but he instead visits the Heroes at each Heart Pillar whenever they place in a Pure Heart in Flopside.

As told both by himself and Carson, he is descended from the Tribe of Darkness, making him the only known living remnant of the tribe other than Count Bleck. His Catch Card description states he is a descendant of the ancients, similar to those of Merlee and Merlon: though this may appear inconsistent, it is not technically inaccurate, as the Tribe of Darkness branched off from the Tribe of Ancients.

While his Flipside counterpart Merlon is generally hopeful due to his strong faith in the Heroes and the philosophy of the Light Prognosticus, Nolrem displays a slightly more pessimistic view of things at times despite being just as friendly - his slightly more fatalistic attitude falls further in line with the Dark Prognosticus, even facing the end of all worlds with a sad, yet calm resignment. Despite this, Nolrem does everything he can to support the Heroes and avert the dark book's predictions, still possessing hope and assisting in fighting the destructive prophecy like his Flipside counterpart.

Catch Card[edit]

  • Card Type: Uncommon
  • Card Description: This is Merlon's dimensional counterpart in Flopside. He is also a descendant of the ancients.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウラデアール
Ura Deāru
Inversed Merlon

French Nolrem
German Nolrem
Italian Occhiomerlo
Lonmer: the first and the last parts of the name "Merlocchio" (Merlon's Italian name) are swapped.
Korean 단다르
From "~단다.", which is ending of sentence that used by adults when they tell something to children.

Spanish Nólrem
Reverse "Merlón", Merlon's Spanish name.


  • If the player tries to visit Nolrem's house in Flopside before Chapter 4 is cleared, they will be stopped by the sign "Nolrem is NOT in," a variation on the traditional "Merlon is OUT."